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When A Woman Finds Her Voice:

Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference

When A Woman Finds Her Voice bookI’ve seen some things I never wanted to see, been some places I never wanted to be—they’ve cut me deep. Unable at the time to process the sting in a healthy manner, I developed a habit of silence where the expectations and opinions of others eventually eclipsed the real me.

Life was intimidating as I fought for control. My plan to keep others out instead caged my own heart, keeping me in.

That’s the sort of thing that happens when brokenness stains our spirits, when the hurts of life linger.

Broken dreams and unmet expectations leave invisible wounds that leak into our everyday lives, making their way into everything we think we know about who we are.   [Read more . . .]


Write Where It Hurts: Writing as a Healing Tool

Write Where It Hurts JournalOne day I stumbled to my journal to write, battling both exhaustion and an ever-gnawing bitterness. It was a familiar spot for me, having journaled for years. But until now my writing had merely served as a dumping ground, this secret place where I simply regurgitated all the bad, justifying my poor choices, never moving beyond the event itself.

Sitting on the bare hardwoods of my living room that day, I needed more. While I sought the familiar, the room to vent, I was also finally ready to confront the lingering pain tattooing my soul, those tough issues with their tainted perspectives.

I was ready to write where it hurts.

[Read more . . .]