Fighting Blindness


I cannot imagine losing my sight. But earlier this year, I was afraid I might.


Every week, I spent a couple hours or more at eye doctor’s office.  For two and a half months I divided my time between optometrists and ophthalmologists because after twenty years of successfully wearing contact lenses, I had developed some pretty serious problems.


What a relief when those issues were resolved and I can comfortably read books and watch movies again with my grandchildren. Seeing our family and seeing the everyday world through their eyes has a way of writing deep, lasting memories on my heart.


So when I found out there’s a disease that robs other grandparents of this same opportunity to see their grandchildren grow, when I found out there are millions of people losing their vision and they didn’t have to, I wanted to do something. I had to say something.


As women, we have access to information and more information about keeping healthy. We’ve been taught how getting enough sleep and certain dietary interventions can impact our stress levels. We know if we want to lose weight that we need to eat less and move more. And most of us know, whether we want to or not, what vitamins and supplements to take every day as well as the proper dosage.


But we’ve got folks going blind, nearly 10 million Americans each year, due to AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and we’ve either never heard about the disease or know so little about it {much less know there is a cure}.


Before you scroll right past this post thinking this one doesn’t apply to you, you need to know anyone can get this disease. And if you don’t want to fall victim to it, I simply want to encourage you to head over and grab this free educational packet on how to prevent and cure AMD from the Foundation Fighting Blindness. 


Don’t worry, there are no sign ups. No email collection of any sort. And nothing to buy. The foundation simply wants you to have access to the FREE information so we can spread the word that this is a preventable and curable disease. Want to safeguard your vision or to learn more about how to help a loved one? Go ahead, Click here for the info.


Maybe consider taking a moment to share this information with others?
You simply never know who may need it.

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