My Story

I’m so glad you’re here. You, the busy mom, with all the chores and responsibilities, the deadlines and dreams, and with way too much to do but not enough help, you’ve somehow made your way here.

And I want to help you.  

As we spend time together, my hopes are that you will come away renewed and refreshed so you can live an effective and fulfilling life. {Yes, it really is possible!}

I’m Jo Ann Fore and I’m a certified Life Coach. I offer training and coaching for the busy {or worn-out} woman, the one navigating multiple roles, juggling and multi-tasking her way through everyday life.

I’ve lived this story. A simple one of a girl trying to do it all, packing all I could into the margins of each day but running out of energy long before I ran out of hours.

A Fresh Rhythm

I spent {too many} years glued to a cell phone, packing a briefcase as full as the world I was trying to impress. I buried myself in a 20-year marketing career {my value directly linked to the amount of accolades awarded}, always struggling to balance work and time and money and people.

Because when technology brings more fatigue than freedom, an overwhelming busyness seeps into your life and starts to shape your everyday decisions. And when you can’t shut everything off and you start guilting yourself for not being able to do it all, the less energy you have to do anything at all!

But one day I accepted a friend’s invite to her cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A beautiful, isolated place where a rickety, front-porch rocker lulled me away from my hectic schedule into a new rhythm of life. One where the traditional markers of success no longer determined my worth.

Sitting on that porch, stripped down to a healthy black and white silence, I realized I would never {ever} be able to do it all. Not well, anyway.

Sometimes we simply have to reassess how we’re living our lives.

We have to slow down and reconnect with our priorities and remember it wasn’t always like this. Sometimes doing fewer things better makes everyday life a lot easier.

And as we rethink our habits, we often find our true passions reignited.

Over time I left the corporate world of marketing and advertising and became a Life Coach. Not because it was the latest trend but because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others.  I trained with a triple-board accredited school of Christian Coach education and learned how to strategically equip those whom other people count on like moms, teachers, entrepreneurs, wives, students, leaders, and various influencers.

So if you’re feeling worn a little thin, I’d love to work with you.

There are eight things I’ve already come to know and believe and love about you. The sort of things that will help you learn to slow your living and invite rest to return.

  1. You are an original; a unique and unforgettable mixture of style, perspective, and message.
  2. Those hard days you made it through foster the sort of perspective that can help others.
  3. Sharing your heart will feel risky but being overly cautious can stall your dreams.
  4. You can dream big. You should explore and pursue those places and people you would love to serve.
  5. You can confront those voices that try to convince you you have to have it together all the time. You don’t.
  6. You can let go of the need to control things.
  7. You have the ability to set healthy boundaries, and flourish beneath those boundaries.
  8. You can live a peaceful, fulfilling, and unbusy life.

Now, here’s my official BIO should you need it:

A formerly stressed-out marketing and development consultant, Jo Ann now spends her days as a certified Life Coach who helps women live vibrant lives. Lives with less guilt and more meaning. She’s the author of the award-winning book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference.

Jo Ann is also the Community Manager for Women Leading Women where she works alongside an amazing leader team who serve and equip approximately 7000 women influencers, everyday women who are making a difference.

Jo Ann has successfully launched and executed several big-picture visions, encouraged thousands of women through various workshops, and written nationally and internationally for publications and blogs like The Huffington Post, Today’s Christian Woman, Guideposts, Christianity Today, inCourage, and many more. But her greatest reward comes when her grand-daughter Lacey Jane hugs her tight and insists Nana is the “best pursen in the hole wide wold!”

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