Write Where It Hurts Journal


This is an invitation to a new start. An invitation for your heart to respond differently.

In the Write Where It Hurts: Writing as a Healing Tool journal, I’ve gathered one hundred days (200 pages) of some perspective-challenging writing prompts along with some inspiring quotes for your healing journey.

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One day I stumbled to my journal to write, battling both exhaustion and an ever-gnawing bitterness. It was a familiar spot for me, having journaled for years. But until now my writing had merely served as a dumping ground, this secret place where I simply regurgitated all the bad, furious over the choices of others and regularly justifying my own poor choices.

Lost in the pain, I could never move beyond the event itself.

Ever notice how if you hold to something long enough, you start to believe it’s true?

I no longer wanted to tell my story angry. So I started writing to understand, to figure out how I’d gotten to where I was and to perhaps uncover a way out.

It was when I gave myself permission to look and listen differently that my story started to change.

This time when I journaled I wrote about those hard patches of life, purging the struggles and mistakes and even those things that happened to me outside of my control. I still wrote about how those things made me feel.

But with a fresh hope stirring, I learned to write beyond those events, daring to address some specific fallouts. I starting writing things I’d learned about myself, the way particular beliefs about these events were shaping my soul. I wrote through things I’d decided and the things I’d denied as a result of these particular experiences.

This collection of writing prompts is a gentle invitation for you to do the same.