Like you, I’ve had my share of things I could worry about lately. I’ll confess, some hard days passed (earlier in life) before I realized the truth about so many of these things: overcoming anxiety and worry isn’t a one-off experience for me. It’s a life skill I am granted opportunity to practice most every day. And while, admittedly, that took me some time to grasp, it took me even longer to realize that this is actually the case for many of us.


Worry and anxiety sneak in regularly, sapping us of our strength and focus, causing us to miss out on some pretty important things in life.


Nagging, anxious thoughts can cloud our everyday lives, leaving us overstressed and under-happy.

Maybe you find yourself worrying about the health and safety of your loved ones, or simply managing the everyday finances. Maybe you feel you’re getting older and perhaps running out of time to pursue your dreams. Perhaps you worry about a troubled relationship or job security or simply that your alarm won’t wake you on time.


Whatever your worries, big or small, they are sapping your peace and strength, and worse, robbing you of approximately one month out of every year. I want to help you reclaim that time. I want to help you learn to be happy anyway.





As someone who has struggled with worry and made it through to the other side, I’m here to help you do the same. I want to help you learn to be happier, to rise above hard days and negative circumstances. I want to help you uncover a renewed energy for what matters most to you.


With all the difficulties and demands in your world, you may wonder how I can suggest that. I’m not in denial, I promise. I understand there’s a lot of stuff going on out there but just because you can’t change your circumstances, that doesn’t mean you have to surrender to them.


I’ve put together a new resource, Happy Anyway,  that will help you learn to put these worries aside and move forward with the things you want to accomplish.



Want to learn how to worry less?

It really is possible.

Happy Anyway is a digital workbook designed with proven life principles and coaching skills to help you learn how to rise above the hard days and negative circumstances. And the best part, it’s free!

Yes, I want the Happy Anyway Starter Guide.