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When A Woman Finds Her Voice:

Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference

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Broken dreams and unmet expectations leave invisible wounds, ones that leak into our everyday lives, making their way into everything we think we know about who we are.

Will we ever be good enough? Pretty enough?

Will we ever be as creative or funny or successful as others?

Will we ever fit in, belong somewhere?

Though we secretly long to be heard, to be understood and known, it feels easier to put on our false faces, the ”life-is-just-fine” masks, while we bury ourselves in our “to-do” lists and family and work and church.

It feels easier to fall silent.

That’s the sort of thing that happens when brokenness stains our spirits, when the hurts of life linger.

But that’s not God’s plan.

You have a story. And your story matters.

As a certified life coach, Jo Ann circles you back to this truth with a gentle boldness that can only come from one who has walked a similar journey. One willing to walk alongside you as you learn to put your past in its place.

{When A Woman Finds Her Voice is an Amazon best-seller and won the 2014 BRMCWC Director’s Choice award.}

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What others are saying . . ._________________________________________________________

I read through When A Woman Finds Her Voice in one sitting. Jo Ann has a strong poetic voice that speaks to the hearts of women and calls them loved. Using her own story, alongside powerful anecdotes from others. An inspiring and moving read, and it is my hope that it will find a place on the shelves of every church and library in North America.

Emily T. Wierenga, author of Atlas Girl Making It Home

As if she’s sitting right across from you chatting over hot tea {or coffee}, and with courageous, soul-baring honesty, Jo Ann shares her story and the faith that ultimately mended her soul. Whether you need restoration or you’re looking for a way to help others, Jo Ann gives you the resources to come away renewed. Encouraged. Inspired.

Nicole NotareeditorGuideposts Magazine

When A Woman Finds Her Voice is such an important book for anyone who wants to mine the past, heal like crazy, and find joy today. Jo Ann Fore takes readers gently on a journey of discovery as she shares her own healing path with breathtaking authenticity. If you’ve wanted to live free from a painful past, pick up this book.

Mary DeMuth, author of The Wall Around Your Heart

There are words and sentences, lines and paragraphs so powerful within Jo Ann Fore’s When A Woman Finds Her Voice, readers will be struck almost speechless by them. But then, within the Power behind them, new strength and a new voice will emerge. This is the beauty of the book … the awesomeness behind the writer and her God.

Eva Marie Everson, best-selling author, Unconditional, the Novel

Jo Ann offers an honest, soul-deep exploration of the survivor in each of us. This tightly-sculpted narrative will soothe scars and heal hearts of even the most broken spirits. This guide helps readers peel back our protective layers to remind us all that we are loved, that our lives have great purpose, and that the only path to freedom is through forgiveness and truth.

Julie Cantrell, New York Times best-selling author of Into the Free and When Mountains Move

Jo Ann believes, as I do, that God uses hurting women–His wounded healers, and from their painful experiences, He brings good. I highly recommend this beautifully-written book that not only teaches women to overcome their own life’s difficulties, but to reach out with their own stories to help others.

Denise George, author of 27 books, including A Woman’s Right to Rest

If you’re serious about getting rid of those ugly wounds buried within the crevices of your heart, this amazing book is for you. With Jo Ann as your guide you will be blessed.

Jan Coates, author of Attitude-inize and Set Free

Thank you Jo Ann for the transparency in your “Voice.” May this book bring freedom to the millions of women who need to speak up and speak out!

Suellen Roberts, Founder & President of Christian Women in Media

I can’t wait to share When A Woman Finds Her Voice with my patients, friends and family. No matter their background and plight, I know this book will help.

Dr. Deborah M. Khoshaba, Founder of Psychology in Everyday Life

Jo Ann seamlessly weaves real stories from her own life, along with the stories of others, with biblical truths and the healing remedies the very best counselors would offer.

Lucille Zimmerman, LPC & author of Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World

I love this book because it combines story, faith-based words of wisdom and comfort, plus practical exercises that will definitely help those who read it truly find their own voice. Thank you for writing a book that women from all walks of life have been waiting for! Let the healing begin.

Kelita Haverland, award winning singer, songwriter and justice advocate

JoAnn combines her gift of gentle storytelling, and an unyielding passion for healing, in this book, which ultimately lets women know they are not alone. A powerful resource with practical tools sojourners on the road toward healing will certainly return to, time and time again.

Amy K. Sorrells, award-winning author of HOW SWEET THE SOUND

Jo Ann has an amazing way with words. Her words both challenge and comfort, gently probe and encourage.  After a lifetime of hearing lies and absorbing the shame of the behavior of others, those words are exactly what a hurting woman needs to hear.

Dr. Morven R. Baker, PCC-S, NCC, Ashland Women’s Counseling Center

A sumptuous feast for a woman’s wound-weary and fear-famished soul.  Deeply moving, and rich in wisdom, this book is saturated with truth and beauty from cover to cover, and will teach women how to unpack the pain, let in the Light, and learn to hear God’s voice. Any women’s bible study or ministry group needs this book.

Jo-Ann Sass, Women’s Ministry Leader, Canada

This book was written just for me. Thank for getting up every time you fell, for pushing through every time you felt you couldn’t go a step further. You did it for me and I thank you. I am 47-year-old Indian mom. I was born a Hindu, but received a great revelation of God’s love for me, and am now Christian. In His Sovereignty, God made sure that I received a copy of your book. I now walk in a deeper level of freedom because of it. I thank you.

Rajes Reddy, Johannesburg, South Africa