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Write Where It Hurts: Writing as a Healing Tool



Ever notice how if you hold to something long enough, you start to believe it’s true?

I no longer wanted to tell my story angry. So I started writing to understand, to figure out how I’d gotten to where I was and to perhaps uncover a way out.

It was when I gave myself permission to look and listen differently that my story started to change.

This time when I journaled I wrote about those hard patches of life, purging the struggles and mistakes and even those things that happened to me outside of my control. I still wrote about how those things made me feel.

But with a fresh hope stirring, I learned to write beyond those events, daring to address some specific fallouts. I starting writing things I’d learned about myself, the way particular beliefs about these events were shaping my soul. I wrote through things I’d decided and the things I’d denied as a result of these particular experiences.

It was a new start for me, this invitation for my writing to be more intentional and my heart to respond differently. And the other side of that journey left me with a healthier perspective. The journey wasn’t easy — making major changes rarely is.

But without the risk, there is no reward.

In the Write Where It Hurts: Writing as a Healing Tool journal, I’ve gathered one hundred days (200 pages) of some of those same perspective-challenging writing prompts I used {along with some inspiring quotes}.

Will you join me for your own healing journey?


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Jo Ann has a unique ability to draw out the heart of a woman’s story. Her healing words nurture and challenge our core as she demonstrates how God uses every piece of our lives.

Dr. Katie Brazelton, best-selling author and founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers


Jo Ann helped me write through one of the most painful seasons of my life. She granted me the freedom and permission to dive into the murky waters—where I found my voice. Thank you, Jo Ann, for helping me get to the other side, one word at a time.

Diane Cunningham, Founder, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs


Being able to journal trough things is a wonderful way to express emotions and the deepest secrets. Thank you for the tools, information, and security I found.

Darlene. Tennessee


I didn’t know what to expect, but you had a way of helping us reach deep inside while showing us what we need to do. Thank you!

Pat Eunis