A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace

Is there a place where you feel truly at peace?

Have you written about it?

Have you written there?

Go there now, if only in your mind, and describe what you are sensing.

Word the peace only this place can bring.

There is a reason why this is your place of peace. Honor it with your words.

One thought on “A Place of Peace

  1. There is a place of peace for me. It is at a lake nearby where I live in the state of Virginia. I went there several years ago and have visited since. I remember sitting outside in the rain on a cold night. Others were meeting in a room nearby. We were on a church retreat. We were going there to “meet with God”. I think the place meant so much to me because it was a place of intention. I knew what I was going there to do. I took that seriously. I did not go to make new friends or be a social butterfly. I went there with the purpose of connecting with my Father. In a busy world, I think that time spent with God MUST be intentional. It doesn’t just happen. I find myself through the day whispering something to God. Sometimes its a praise, sometimes a concern, other times it’s just to say hi. I want to maintain the relationship. I want to be intentional about my time carved out to be in His presence. When I close my eyes, I can go to that place, in my mind. I can feel that intimacy again. It’s there waiting for me all the time. It is available to me if I make myself available to it.

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