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  1. I am on a path of discovery that seems to go on forever. Just when I think I have really made progress I turn another corner and there is another hill to climb. I am taking my time on this path. I want to do it right. I want to explore every side path, every dead end to be sure that it is a dead end. I want to know at the end that I went after every part that I could. The journey started before I was born when my Dad was killed, 36 years ago last week. Along the way I have dealt with rejection, emotional and mental abuse, anger, forgiveness, self discovery, meeting and understanding the offenders, learning about my Dad and caring for my Mother as she died of cancer. Now I am needing to understand what I feel are my two parallel lives. Who I would have been had my Dad lived and who I am now. And who my Mother before my Dad died and who was she after. How much mental illness did she have before and how did the trauma make it worse.
    I don’t see the path ending anytime soon. And I’m okay with that. I love a challenge and a good hike.

    • Wow, Lisa. You and I have a lot in common, including a name! My dad died when I was 12, so I knew him for a few years but have spent the rest of my life wondering what it might have been like having him here through the years. I don’t think we realize how much of our identity is tied up in our parents, but things happen to show us that direct connection and sometimes that can be pretty tough to process. I lost my mother to cancer just over seven years ago, and I still feel her loss so acutely it physically hurts sometimes. I’m right there with you, my friend.

  2. All my life I was walking quickly, trying to reacy the end. This past year, by drawing closer to the Lord that I realize I needed to slow down and take it all in. By doing this I will enjoy everyday life more and be more grateful for each day I have. I’m excited about my destination now. I’m on my way to be with my Lord forever, but enjoying the view as I go.

    • What a great outlook, dear friend. So much changes when we slow ourselves down and notice the details, the beauty, the learning in each moment. I love that you are noticing more and living a deeper life!

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