Choose to Recover

Guest post by Jennifer Cobb

It took me a long time to realize how bad alcohol affected my life, and everyone else’s. I thought I could hide it but that’s hard to do when you come home drunk every night. So, I finally made a commitment to myself this year to get sober. I am proud to say that I have!

Living a sober life has been one of the most rewarding and healthy decisions I have ever made. I wake up every morning not feeling sick. I don’t miss out on things that my husband and daughter do anymore. I just all around feel better.

I encourage any alcoholic to make the first step to recovery. Recognize that you do have a problem and choose to fix it. Consider this: Would you want your child to do the things that you do? Would you want them to hear negative things about you? If you are like me, the answer was a loud “No!”

Get help because you can not do this alone. Without family, friends, and God my savior I couldn’t have done this. I won’t lie, it’s going to be one of the hardest things you could ever do but it is worth it.

I want to caution you about this thing called relapse–I call it a “slip up.” I have slipped. I have fallen. And a lot of others do. But I have learned that life is not about how many times you fall down, its about how many times you choose to get up. Failure is a practice run, it grants me an opportunity to perfect the outcome. Does that mean we can just keep on failing? No it means if you fail, you must start over. Take children, for example, they have to learn to fall before they learn to walk. That is the way most things are in life. Don’t be discouraged if you fail–but do try again!

 An accountability partner is also a critical step. You will need someone to hold you accountable when you can not do it yourself. Without my partner, I would try to sneak past my own self at least once a week. An accountability partner is someone you should know and trust, someone who understands your situation. This person should be someone that can be honest with you even if it will make you angry. Choose this person wisely; they may be what your sobriety depends on some nights.

No, this won’t be easy but we can do it. On a daily basis, many people have done it successfully. Do not doubt yourself. Remember that somewhere out there is a woman named Jennifer that knows you can do it.

Best of luck and God bless you on your own miraculous journey.

Jennifer Cobb is a 26 yr old wife, mother, student, and recovering alcoholic. Her mission is to teach alcoholic mothers the importance of sobriety for the sake of their children.

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