Faith Vs. Fear

Guest post by Kate Powers

Recently I had an experience where I faltered on my faith. I was challenged and instead of standing strong, I panicked. I immediately went into submission mode of not wanting to offend, to always be pleasing. Out of fear, I submitted to the orders issued.

My panicked response was automatic. I did not think—I submitted.

Shortly afterward, I realized how quickly I had fallen back to default despite having broken free of this situation several years ago. My reaction came from a place of fear–a deep rooted fear of blame. It appeared the “It’s all your fault!” tapes were still playing as the subconscious message of my life. 

As I contemplated the situation, I was taken back to a moment in time decades earlier, the scene of a raging drunk lunging across the room at his 13-year-old daughter who spoke unwelcome words of truth.

I was frozen with fear but determined to be heard as I advocated for one who could not. I did not flinch. I did not falter. I stood strong, consumed by righteous determination and pure faith. My faith served me well that day as the fist flying at me stopped inches from my face. My words on behalf of another were heard that day over 20 years ago. The truth shined through by the grace of a child’s faith.

This memory quieted my fearful mind and stirred my faith-filled heart. Now, more than 20 years later I found myself in a different yet similar situation. My initial response was one of panic. Now, with faithful resolve, I stand strong and ready to weather the storm.

I will speak my words. I will not be silenced.

About Kate Powers: Published author, speaker and coach, Kate shares information, experience and useful tools to help women rethink their limiting beliefs, incorporate their values in all areas, reduce emotional baggage and move forward with confidence and knowing. Kate has been a passionate advocate for her clients for over 10 years and recently released her second book.

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