Which is More Fun?

Guest post by  gaines

Which is more fun…to grow money or to spend it? They are both pretty nice!  Growing money ultimately leads to living the rich life we want, focused on what really, really matters. Spending money is more about immediate gratification.

What I really like to do, though, is to show women how they can do both. It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it, too. You just have to be what I call “Savvy Smart” with spending money.

Ways to Spend AND Grow Money:

Focus on increasing income. This especially makes sense since reducing spending is limited, and generating income is UN-limited! Just ask Oprah, Anne McKevitt, and Richard Branson!

Use savvy smart shopping techniques. Think in terms of how you can get what you want, while spending the least amount of money. Once you develop this mindset, it becomes fun. Think treasure hunt!

Track your cash flow. This just works. It’s too easy to ignore the end results if we don’t calculate our cash flow. Besides, it feels wonderfully empowering. It’s like that confident feeling you get after you organize your clothes closet.

Prioritize from your list of money reasons. These are the things that you have decided are really, really important to you. The first chapter of my book is about finding your money reasons; you can get it free at Earn Grow Give.

Define enough. Once you stop to think about it, you may realize that you really don’t need all that stuff, or square footage, in your life that you thought you needed. Sometimes less really is more.

By making these simple mindset shifts, you really can grow your money while living arich life full of the things you love. What could be any better than that? Besides,positive cash flow is ALWAYS in style!


Camille Gaines is Founder and CEO of FinancialWoman.com. She provides simple solutions for busy women to help them create their own financial destiny, increase their wealth and get the life they want. (To get Camille’s F.R.E.E. Money Flow chart with an accompanying audio, and weekly financially inspiring articles on growing your money so you can reach your financial goals, visit FinancialWoman.com.)

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