Hope for A Hurting Heart

When your heart hurts, nothing helps more than loving encouragement from someone who “gets it.”

Cheryl Karpen, a woman with a dream to touch a million hearts with affirmations and encouragement, understands.  In this soul-nurturing audio interview, Cheryl tenderly shares about the times in her life when people surrounded her with hope, love, and encouragement, and how that experience not only helped her heal but birthed a deep-rooted empathy in her to do the same for others who hurt.

Join us as Cheryl Karpen shares from the heart.

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We want to hear your thoughts! Be sure to return and leave a comment. As you will hear on the audio, we are giving away ten copies of Cheryl’s latest books, Hope for a Hurting Heart and To Let You Know I Care

7 thoughts on “Hope for A Hurting Heart

  1. Our hurting and lost world so need this inspiring book of hope. High fives, Cheryl, for sharing your own personal journey and for encouraging others to firmly hold onto hope!

  2. Refreshing and honest. I find God ‘s people amazing, and God incredibly hilarious. We go through so much pain and suffering, chaotic and crisis moments, yet we know God will save. Just why must He make us wait so long for deliverance. Then again, why do we wait so long to be delivered. Let Go Let God. Currently, I’m in the place of waiting; i’ve been here before yet the pain and the hurt seem so much deeper and the tears have just started to flow. But this time, the joy and peace abound because I know he’s got a ram in the bush, he sent Ruth a Boaz, gave David continuous victory.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I certainly could hear the joy that you have inspite of the experiences that you have gone through. You truly exude hope. Thank you Cheryl for sharing and touching so many lives. Thank you for your heart of empathy and caring so much for people.

    • Thank you for your kind and generous words, Catherine. It takes hope to know hope and I’m guessing you are a very hopeful and hope-filled person. Here’s to mended hearts. Cheryl

    • Lynden, thank you so much for your sweet encouragement. Please know that your words are a blessing from God. Jo Ann and I and the Write Where It Hurts team are immensely grateful for your friendship, and hold you snugly in our hearts and prayers.

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