When Rain Washes Away the Dirt {the real dirt}


Thunder groans through a grey streaked sky. Ominous dark, shoulders in.

Rain. Drenching summer rain.

It’s like that sometimes. Life: cloudy skies and threatening storms, a seemingly endless pouring rain. And just when one storm passes another rolls in behind.

We watch. We wait. We crash like lightning.

Sometimes no matter what we do, no matter what we say, the rain comes.

We tend to chase the storm, believing if we head it off, if we can get in front of it, we will find safety. Somehow stop it’s whirling.

But storms rage stronger than we know, fed from another source. One we cannot know. One we do not understand. They gather strength and speed from our presence–just knowing we are there.

They whirl. Spin. Hurl debris. Reckless, angry, irrational storms that they are.

Tired of rain and afraid of wrath, we finally seek shelter from the wind. We find refuge for our tired, weary hearts. Afraid to be struck we seek comfort in the safety of our four walls. The storm cannot get us here. Cannot find us.

But it finds its way in.

Because when we hide from the storm it grows inside our heart. It rages against our truth. When we give in to its fear we lose the fight for our soul. And when we lose our soul, we surrender our dignity.

We must learn to stand in the rain.

Because when we stand in the rain, the storm loses its thrust. It has no fuel to grow. No energy from which to feed.

And so we stand. With arms high and heart surrendered to That which is greater than the storm.

Do not chase the storm. Do not hide away. Let it pour. Let it cleanse. Let it teach and reveal Truth in its time.

There is a Light, a brilliant light that follows a downpour, drives the darkness away. It is there, among the debris, that you find Truth. You find freedom. Healing. Courage.

Storms will come. Lightning will strike. And fear and pain will surround us with their illusory wings. They will test our strength. Let them. Do not give in to their false intimacy. Their thinly veiled promise of comfort.

Stand in the rain.

Wet. Soaking wet. Alive and infinitely free. Listen to the rhythm, washing the dirt away.

Dear Jesus, send the rain.


Deeper Still: What storms are pressing you in this very day? What do you need to surrender?


By Tammy Strait.


6 thoughts on “When Rain Washes Away the Dirt {the real dirt}

  1. Oh how we want to run from storms don’t we? Thank you for this poignant reminder Tammy to embrace the storms in our lives. God is our only shelter so we can truly stand out in the rain and know we are safe.

  2. This is outright amazing. We cannot protect ourselves from the storm, but when we trust in Christ to stand there in the rain, that is where we grow and get stronger.

    “Stand in the rain.Wet. Soaking wet. Alive and infinitely free. Listen to the rhythm, washing the dirt away.” <– love this!

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