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Love God Greatly


“One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in life has been the importance of choosing to trust God. I know it sounds so easy, but the doing part is what makes it so hard. I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to trust God when you can’t see him face-to-face or actually hear his voice when you pray…:”


Imagine as a young woman facing a difficult season of uncertainty, opening your Bible for some hope stemming from the promises of God, but you also find tucked inside a personal letter of encouragement from an inspiring mentor. As you soak in the reassuring note packed with insights from someone who has walked a similar path, your heart softens. The frustration doesn’t magically disappear but you notice a new strength starting to shape. Maybe it’s going to be okay, after all.


As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, we recently received a review copy of the Young Women Love God Greatly Bible, and you guys, these mentor letters are one of my favorite features. Like a note from your mom, motivated by love, these letters from seasoned women of faith tucked within these pages are an intimate way of showering love and encouragement on the next generation.


In this exact moment of need as these young women seek the Scripture for God’s counsel and direction, this Bible helps create a path for personal interaction with God. In addition to the mentor letters, this beautiful Bible uses a simple but effective study method called SOAP in approaching scripture to help young women engage in the Word and dig deeper than maybe they normally would.


SOAP is an acronym that stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer and there are four steps:

  1. Scripture: Readers are encouraged to write out the verses noting key words and phrases. They learn to slow down and focus on what they’re actually reading, really thinking about it.
  2. Observation: Here, we’re encouraged to carefully observe the passage and record the observations. What stands out? Who is the passage written by? Who is written to? What are the cultural factors? What themes are repetitive or consistent? What happened before this passage? After?
  3. Application: This is where readers try to determine the main message or truth of the passage. How can they apply this to their own life right away?
  4. Prayer: After reflecting, then readers are asked to pray God’s word back to him. Ask him to help this scripture to transform.

To help young women learn to trust God and follow his lead even on the days when life is hard, there are sixty SOAP Bible studies included as well as beautiful Scripture art with hand lettering and botanical touches. And then there’s the devotions, the various challenges, and can we talk about the Church history the editors have packed in here? This Bible is rich with features including heroes of the Bible from  different eras of history and various regions from all over the world.


Love God Greatly Bible


This has become another favorite here in our home. We have our copy of this Bible sitting out and my granddaughter and I are using it together. With two satin ribbons marking our respective places, it’s fun to go behind one another and see what the other one is studying.

Though I have received a free copy of this Bible for my personal review, the opinions are my own and honest. I really like this Bible. The publisher has done a great job as Young Women Love God Greatly offers insights that encourage and equip you to meet God on the pages of Scripture and nudges you to engage deeper through Scripture memory, prayer and daily reflection.

Want to help a young woman in your life to love God greatly? There’s no better way for them to experience God’s heart for them than through his Word.



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  1. Beautifully written, Sis. This encourages and challenges me as a woman in her 50s and gives me a study tool I hadn’t seen before. Thank you for your leadership and discipleship of women of all ages, we are all better for it.

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