Responding to Injustice

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Guest Post by Lisa Easterling

Looking backward at how I’ve responded—or perhaps more appropriately termed reacted—to injustice can be a pretty humbling thing.

A key point in my Bible study this week is David’s response to injustice and tragedy. The text points to Scripture where David got word of the slaughter of innocent people. He responded in four ways.

1. He placed blame where it should have been: on Saul, on evil.
2. He reminded himself that God will repay evil.
3. He placed his hope solely in God.
4. He reminded himself that God is good.

My friend Sherry and I were talking recently about the pain of grappling with the injustice and tragedy and loss so prevalent in our world today. Sherry is no stranger to loss, having said goodbye too soon to two precious babies within a very short time, and she is finding it nearly impossible to even think about moving forward under the chokehold of a darkness that death-grips her heart.

I can relate directly to loss. One doesn’t watch the life drain from a precious loved one’s face without being indelibly imprinted. We do not easily lay down the pain of a sweet little baby girl—or a beautiful, beloved mother—dying in our arms and just shrug it off and move on.

Our losses are not always marked by a gravestone. Our family has endured significant upheaval in the past few years, and I have to say it’s taken quite a toll. While we all are quick to recognize how blessed we are, it is still difficult not to be deeply discouraged and even embittered in our response.

After one too many knock-downs a few nights ago, I crumbled and cried myself to sleep–but not before writing out my pain and anger into my journal. I knew even as I was scribbling feverishly onto the pages that I would look back on that entry later with a sheepish repentance. Still, I scrawled on.

Looking back at the list of ways David responded to the injustice and tragedy around him, it’s easy to see that there are lessons to be learned; I just have to get past the here and now enough to see them. Instead of being so quick to cry out at God, I know I need to remember that my God is always good and is not to blame for evil.

He is my eternal hope. That sounds cute and churchy, but my heart knows it’s true.

Now, I just need to live like I believe it.


Lisa Easterling is a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay area alongside her husband Steve, five children, and two grandchildren. A pioneer for home education in Florida, she has served in various areas of Christian ministry for the past 32 years. Lisa is a lifelong writer and creative writing coach, currently serving as Associate Editor for Write Where It Hurts. Her favorite place to write is near the ocean, and she particularly loves helping others to fall in love with words. Lisa blogs at and can be reached by


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2 thoughts on “Responding to Injustice

  1. Oh that we would all “live like we believe it!”

    Great word my friend. And I trust that our Father is holding you deep into His chest as you walk this cracked pavement.

    Jo Ann

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