An Opportunity to Write a Note That Matters {And a stellar DaySpring giveaway!}

first grade picture

Her hair pulled back into mermaid style waves and her green eyes pooling with tears, this girl of mine stands uncertain and anxious, reaching deep for courage.

She trusts when I say she’s going to be okay, but those first steps still feel so hard.

I imagine it’s that way for most of us–hard to let go of what we know in order to make room for what we don’t.

But she does anyway, because that’s the sort of power that godly encouragement holds. And because even at six-years-old she senses it, how these are the sort of things you have to go through and not around.

Like most folks, we started back to school last month. It’s Lacey’s first grade year. In a new school. And for a girl who battles Sensory Processing Disorder, the newness of it all can overwhelm.

As we’ve walked these last few weeks we’ve seen many more tears, Lacey’s emotions still disagreeing on how to handle all these changes. But this week there’s a fresh hope stirring as we greet another set of tears, the purifying kind.

You know, the ones that come when you laugh so hard your belly can’t help but roll {and chocolate milk may or may not try to blow out your nose}. And yes, there’s been a lot of jumping and bumping and spinning {and praying!} in our house to get us here.



Even difficult changes can’t hold this girl back for long. She’s an encourager, one who knows the sort of joy that comes from being kind, from thinking the best of others and helping folks smile when they don’t necessarily feel like it.

Yes, this people-loving Princess has already learned what it took me years to understand: how somehow we’re better together.

How when someone walks beside us, believing in us, cheering us on during the hard days, it can’t help but change us.

I suspect this innocent positivity of Lacey’s will walk right into her adult years as she continues to spread this incredible enthusiasm for life, because that’s the sort of thing God can do with a willing heart.

But even for an encourager, life’s challenges can feel strong. Overwhelming at times. And there are those days when encouragers themselves need a slice of encouragement. So on some of these harder days, Lacey and I are enjoying a new hobby we have of sending out loving you cards. And not just to one another but to others we feel may need an extra dose of encouragement. Just because.

Maybe it’s simply to say I love you, or I’m here for you, or you’re going to be okay. Or perhaps it’s a gentle reminder that all those other folks who seem to have it all together, there’s a good chance they really don’t.

We absolutely love taking the time to share these notes that we believe matter, these slices of our heart tucked into a handwritten note or beautiful and inspiring card. It’s one reason I’m so excited about this month’s giveaway: a beautiful set of every-day, just-because, loving-you cards from DaySpring {$60 worth of cards, you guys!}. Well actually TWO sets of those cards, because we have a set for you and your BFF!

So go ahead and scroll down, choose any one or all of the options below and get entered today. And after you’re done with your entry, consider dropping a note to that friend you’ve been thinking about lately. Just because.

DaySpring card giveaway


Deeper Still: How about you? Do you still like to send or receive handwritten notes and cards? Let us know why or why not in the comments section?


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71 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Write a Note That Matters {And a stellar DaySpring giveaway!}

  1. I love to both send and receive handwritten notes. I have saved some that have meant a lot to me over the years. I don’t get as many these days and I miss them. I don’t want to see this practice go by the wayside. Dayspring cards are some of my favorites. I like to look at them at Family bookstores.

  2. Love this idea! Although it doesn’t happen very often, everyone loves getting encouraging snail mail. What a wonderful to encourage hand written notes again!

  3. Scripture tells us to train up a child in the way she should go, and when she is old, she will not depart from it. She trusts because you have modeled trust. She is a natural encourager because of your own example of an encouraging heart. You’ve done a beautiful job, and Jesus shines through both of you. XO

  4. Receiving a Day Spring greeting card is like receiving a kiss From God.
    It tells me that, prompted by love, someone thought of me, and then acted on that thought by taking the time to choose just the right card, with just the right words, and sent it to me. Receiving it then prompts me to give thanks to God for that person; and love continúes.

  5. I still receive some handwritten notes. I am getting back in the habit of sending them. I prefer them they are much more personal.

  6. I love handwritten notes! I feel like I don’t take the time to write them often enough, however. There is just something special about holding someone’s words in your hand…much more personal than a text or email!

  7. I was just meandering through encouragement with the Lord this morning…how I give it so much better than I receive it. There isn’t anything quite like the right slice of it though, especially in His timing. Thanks for the chance to do just that with the gorgeous notes…LOVE!

  8. A few months ago one of my dear childhood friends had surgery. And despite living a few states away, her mom came out to stay with her while she healed. I sent her a care package with a note to each of them. To her mom, thanking her for being there for her daughter. Well, life went on and I actually forgot about that note when one day I opened the mail box to receive this beautiful card and wonderful letter. It was a letter that touched me deeply. Speaking of situations in my childhood, letting me know that I was and am seen. I cried. It was just so beautiful to read those words she wrote and to know that even back then, she saw, even if she couldn’t say anything. Letters, mailed across the miles, is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. <3

  9. I LOVE getting cards and hand written notes! I look through my mail each day, hoping (albeit subconsciously-well maybe intentionally:) for that special correspondence. The lady whom God sent to take me out of the pit, for Him, over 25 years ago, continues to bless me with love notes and encouragement. Just today, she sent me a photo of a blessed event in her life, which also encourages and inspires me:) I get bogged down in trying to send the “perfect” card, then not sending it at all. Lord, help me to do better and just DO SOMETHING to bless so many who are special in my life!

  10. I love cards. I have cards when I got married and my boy’s were born that I have kept all these years. That middle card says, A Friend loves at all times, reminds me of a precious lady who gave me a card at church. She just wrote such an up-lifting message and I would like to give her one that special back. They are all beautiful cards. Over the years, I have enjoyed sending cards to those who needed encouraging when they least expect it.

  11. I love sending/receiving cards/notes. I have a few people that I try to send notes to on a week basis and have been doing so for years now.

    Letter writing seems to be a lost art these days, making those notes/cards even more meaningful. There is just something about the intention that goes into writing a note.

  12. I love to encourage people, especially when then are not expecting it. It is not a birthday or special occasions, just a time to say I was thinking about them. It may be a spiritual gift, I don’t know but I know it is fun.

  13. I’m not very good at sending cards /notes regularly/intentionally, but I enjoy it and I love to receive them. Would love to be more disciplined about a set letter writing time every week.

  14. Getting a hand written card is like finding $20 in a jacket pocket! However it is just a bit better because the $20 was forgotten but a friend remembered!

  15. My pen-pal and I are probably two of the few people I know who still write handwritten notes and cards. we encourage each other with scripture and experiences. I have been so blessed by our friendship.

  16. I love to receive and send handwritten notes! It so nice to get the mail and have a surprise card there! My friend and I have decided to send each other surprise cards even though we live in the same town! This giveaway would be lovely! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I love receiving and sending handwritten cards and letters. Some of the ladies at my church create and design beautiful cards as well. I feel like they are so much more personal than receiving an e-card or email. It let’s you know someone took the time to sit down and let you know they care by handwriting a few words or a fee pages. These cards look so beautiful, and I would love to send them to the people I want to let know that I care. Thank you for the chance to win! ❤

  18. I still like to give and receive cards. Ten years ago I was given a box full of greeting cards an acquiantance had collected throughout her lifetime. I used those cards to send encouragement to those who were on our church prayer list for extended illnesses.

  19. I like to receive Dayspring cards. Especially those featuring the poetry of Roy Lessen. I can count on a timely nugget of Christian wisdom when I receive one of their cards.

  20. Of course I enjoy receiving handwritten notes, who doesn’t? Anytime you pick up the mail and its not a bill or advertisement is always a treat. Unfortunately it’s a rare thing these days. Glad your doing this, great idea.

  21. I love sending (and receiving) handwritten cards. In this day and age it’s so nice when people take the time to send a heartfelt note. Who doesn’t like to get fun mail instead of just bills!

  22. I love giving and receiving hand written cards because they are personal, unexpected, and heartwarming! They are an investment of your time in another person’s life that convey your love, affection and appreciation. I have a drawer full of them that I have collected over the years from family members and friends, that I pull out and read when I get down. My favorites are the ones from my kids…and my precious granddaughter!

  23. I send out cards to friends and family. I love to browse the card section laughing at the cleverness of the captions on the awkward family photos and getting a little teary at the sweet endearing words to feelings I can’t always articulate on my own. I have often day dreamed about creating a line of my own. To me cards are a timeless piece of communication.

  24. Writing is a gift from God and frequently I will send emails but there are times my hand just longs to pick up a pen and write beautiful script….I think the script itself, the forming of the letters and words convey love in a way typing can never replace!!

  25. Yes, I still send cards in the mail. I am the one who sends cards to our shut-ins at church, too. I know how wonderful I feel when I open my mailbox and find a card, so, I want to share that joy with others. 🙂

  26. Just thinking about handwritten notes makes me smile. This is a gift that has been so lost with instant messaging and texting. i am going to start sending my daughter notes again, never know when it will be our last words shared.
    I am so fortunate to have a pen-pal that shares her beautiful creations with me. The news is great, but the care and time she puts into the presentation of her letters is so special. I thank God for her every day.

  27. I love sending cards to my friends, especially for birthdays.
    I hope the are surprised in these days of fast paced computer communication

  28. I love encouraging others with hand written cards and notes. Equally I enjoy receiving them. There have been difficult days when a card would arrive in the mail, just when I needed it most.

  29. Hello my very special friend. Go Lacey! I have a very special group of encouraging girls who love their Mommy and whomever else with their handwritten notes of expressions of love all the time. Isn’t it just the best. I keep the most cherished ones in a giant sized Russel Stover box I got for Valentines Day from my hubby a couple of years ago. I keep his there too. I take them out and read them when I need to remember how very much I am loved.

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