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With a pounding heart, my shaking hand filled out the application for the When A Woman Finds Her Voice book launch team a few months back. I had been blogging only a month and all my insecurities rising to the surface reminded me of that as I explained my desire to participate.

Will I be chosen?

How could I really make a difference?

Are my words even worth reading?

I was doing it again—questioning  all of the places I felt inadequate.

But even through the “never good enough” view of myself, God had a much bigger plan. Thankfully it’s so much better than mine. By connecting hearts with you these last couple months, I’ve learned to release a portion of these insecurities and grow closer into my true version of myself.

In When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference,  Jo Ann encourages us to nurture a deep need to share our stories with others.

“It is your personal story that makes you relatable. Not assigning judgment, or pressing blame. Your story, wrapped in God, around his Word, and what he has done in your life will safely lead women home.”
~Jo Ann Fore

In the telling of our stories we not only release ourselves from the past but we connect with others who are searching for freedom as well. When you hear another woman’s story similar to your own what do you feel?





When we do this, when we connect in story with each other and we open up and speak about where we’ve come from and how far He has brought us, God soaks this connection with His redemptive touch. When others see the healing that has occurred they dare to believe it might happen for them too. And that’s how the sharing of story begins the chain of connection, community, and healed hearts of women.

Over these past months of walking alongside you in this online study, I’ve become well acquainted with my own voice, and to be honest, sometimes I get overwhelmed with the many intricate pieces weaving together to make up the tapestry of my life.

There are still times those insecurities rise. Times I still look at what went wrong instead of all the things that are right.And then I remember how story has the power to connect and heal. So I press in again to share, to listen, to cry, to laugh and to hope for all the plans God has for me. For us. Because in the end, He is the one who makes us whole.


This is our last week to link up for the book study of When a Woman Finds Her Voice. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with each of you, reading your words, and hearing your hearts. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

It’s your turn to be heard.  If you are a blogger, be sure to link up with us below. If you’re not a blogger, be sure to use the comments section below to share.

This week we’re talking about how you could share your true voice? Who could you help by telling a slice of your story?  Or maybe your voice has already made a difference–how has your life changed since you began telling your story? 

15 thoughts on “Share Your Voice to Make a Difference

  1. Sarah through this process like you God has been bringing my voice out and at the same time I wonder who really wants to read my story. Then God brings someone to my blog who tells me how my story has impacted them. Like Field of Dreams – if you build it they will come – God says, if you write it they will come. Our part is to do what God has called us to do. I could have written this blog as you voiced my own thoughts. So glad you took the step you did. I love your voice and plan on joining you on your blog just so we can keep in touch.

    • Wow, thank you Karen! My heart’s calling is to encourage others and let women know they are not alone. Through this process my eyes have been widely opened to all the pain in others’ lives but also the healing that can take place. Please do stay in touch!

  2. This, right here, your words, is exactly how I feel. Thank you, dear Sarah, for leading us through this time and for being an example for us all. Love your heart and soul. Blessed to have been on this journey with you. <3

  3. This has been an amazing journey to voices, to heart, to community. Finding not only the strength to use my voice, but to also use it with courage. It has shown me so many things. What a blessing!

    • Oh Cheryl, I so hope I get to hug your neck in April! Thankful beyond measure to read your words and see the bravery you possess. It is simply beautiful!

    • “I have always enjoyed writing — I just never knew how much I needed it.” LOVE your words on this weeks Five Minute Friday Christy!

      And yes, our stories as healing balms for others; love how God does that!

  4. This HAS been an amazing journey – I remember when we started it together. It would not have been the same without you dear Sarah. You have blessed us with your story, your words, your encouragement and grace. I am blessed to call you friend.

  5. It occurs to me that this is just the beginning. So much healing has taken place in the sharing that now many are ready to sprout wings soar into the future, knowing that we can all be a Voice of encouragement, a Voice that can be used by God to bring hope and healing to the lives of others. Thank you Sarah for sharing so faithfully with all of us through this journey. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us just over the next horizon!
    Gay Idle @ CaptiveHeart

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