Silver Linings

Guest post by Alyssa Avant


Minus bringing my children into the world, running a thriving online business is my greatest accomplishment. Satisfied clients, finished deadlines, and constant new projects excite me, no matter how stressful the week.

“I don’t know how you do what you do,” people say to me.

Truth is, often times neither do I. But somehow, miraculously, things seem to fall into place; even on the bad days I manage to spot the silver lining, that something that always comforts me in the midst of the chaos.

And when that happens, you want to hold onto it. Remember it.

I like to record the hope I felt during difficult times. Part of my daily routine is some quiet time alone with the Lord. I’ve done this since I was a young teen. Today, it’s a necessity in my busy, crazy life. With three kids under the age of eight, a business, and a husband who has gotten used to my having supper on the table by 6pm, my life is an interesting, often hair-pulling one.

Part of the daily time is my journaling, one of my favorite parts. I have shelves of journals filled with hand written fears, requests, hopes, dreams, and prayers—lots and lots of prayers.

Often times, I wondered if it was alright for me to pray about business, before I fully understood that the Lord wants me to pray about everything. Since then my journal entries are a peculiar combination of concerns for my children, prayers for others, and cries for direction in my own life and business.

Journaling is a constant in my life. I’m not sure when it became a must have, but I can recall several life-changing journal entries. Like the one I penned before I met my husband which read, “Lord, I don’t want to go on another date unless it is with the one you’d have me to spend the rest of my life with.” Funny thing—my next date was with the man who is now my husband.

My journals record those silver linings in my life, whether those silver linings are meeting a deadline, having a child’s cough clear, or an extra sum of money to pay off another debt. The most inspiring part of my journals is the ability to thumb through them days, months, and even years later and be able to spot the hope that came through in spite of the difficult circumstances.

Reading through the notes of my past unfolds a sense of calmness and assurance that I will not face in the days ahead anything harder than I faced in the days past. As I write the thoughts that are racing through my head, I experience God’s healing power and learn to surrender to the certainty of His control.

Have you felt hope in the midst of chaos? Do you record it so you can remember it? Do you take the time to journal God at work?


Alyssa Avant 
is a published author, professional speaker, and business owner. Alyssa has been working virtually since 2007. She has years of experience working with online professionals and business owners.  She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they can avoid the years of trial and error that she experienced as a new online business owner.  She is an avid social media marketer, loves Coca Cola Classic, her husband, and three precious children (not in that order). She and her family reside in Carrollton, MS. Connect with Alyssa on her website at

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