Spring Cleaning

my-office-150x150My office beckons me. Shelves of books, arranged categorically, permeate the air with a faint mist of paper and ink. My desk, adorned simply with a leather blotter and widescreen monitor, sits empty. My computer quietly streams worship music. Much like the fragrance of fresh blossoms in the spring, my office promises a new beginning.

I stand in awe. It took hard work to get here.

About a month ago, we moved. It was a local move but a massive move. We down-sized from a large home on a wooded lot into a city-view condo. Now, we’re blessed with a rather large condo but major adjustments were required. We had too much stuff. It was time to purge.

And purge we did. Two truckloads worth. My husband’s laborious sweat glazed the bolt of the oversized U-Haul truck as he fastened the cargo door. I grieved the loss as he carted off precious memories. Stuff I was convinced I couldn’t live without two weeks ago.

My motivation had changed.

Pardon the cliche, but it was love at first sight. I drifted off to sleep at night with visions of our new home dancing around in my head. Built by a talented craftsman, I had watched its progress over the past year. And now, thanks to my hero-of-a-husband, it was mine. I would make our furniture fit. No matter how difficult.

We cleaned, cleared-out and carted off. We eliminated and unloaded anything unnecessary. Sufficiently purged, my reward awaited: a peaceful, decluttered office.

It was here, in my tidy space, that God started a new work. Gently, He informed me it was also time to purge some junk from my heart. The release of material things was simply a primer for the deeper work He called me to.

As I soaked in the streaming music, God nudged me. “Why does your heart stir restlessly? The stress of the move is behind you and you’re settled. But, something’s still not quite right . . . .”

The chambers of my heart were full lately. Disconnected relationally, I blamed my discontent on the fatigue from the move. But, as I sat in my newly organized office, God addressed the one thing I’d forgotten to purge: my soul-clutter.

The Lord stood ready to reorganize my soul. Would I allow him to purge the unnecessary – to eliminate disorganization and chaos? Was my motivation strong enough to make room where it was needed?

An enduring symbol of new beginnings, my relocation offered a chance for a fresh start in my spirit, as well. God nudged me again, “Surely a disordered, messy soul is as important as an untidy, cluttered home.”

Would I be willing to do the tough work?

Reflection: Daniel 12:10 says, “Many will be purged, purified, and refined . . .” Are you willing to allow God to declutter your life?


Jo Ann Fore is an author, speaker, and writing coach. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of other women. Most noted for her authentic vulnerability, Jo Ann captivates her audience with faith-filled messages caramelized with a powerful promise of hope. Visit Jo Ann at www.JoAnnFore.com and www.facebook.com/WriteWhereItHurts.  You can also download a free chapter of Jo Ann’s latest release, Inspired Women Succeed at www.inspiredwomensucceed.com.

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