avatarJo Ann has a passion for those who are hurting and broken. Her consistency, integrity and commitment to these women allows her to be very effective as a mentor, coach and author. I highly recommend her as a guest speaker, coach or in any area where her expertise would be utilized. Truly, her clients will not be disappointed. I'd work with her anywhere, anytime.

Theresa Harvard Johnson
avatarJo Ann, I was so blessed to have you teach this class. You are so right about our need to confront our deepest darkest feelings. I didn't know what to expect, but you had a way of helping us reach deep inside while showing us what we need to do to face our demons. And more importantly, what we have to do to rid ourselves of them. Thank you!

Pat Eunis

Amazing what you blessed us with, inspired us to imagine, and evoked from our desires during your presentation at the National Association of Christian Women's Conference. Thank you Jo Ann Fore !

Coachpreneur Judyann
Artist. Designer. Coach.
avatarJo Ann, you are an inspiration! Thank you for your kindness and for the very real security I felt in your workshop. That is so very important. Your workshops are so valuable to those of us who have a difficult time expressing our feelings. Being able to journal through this is a wonderful way to express those emotions and deepest secrets. Thank you for the tools, information, and security to do this.

Darlene Covert
avatarJo Ann Fore helped me write through one of the most painful seasons of my life. She guided me with her loving encouragement, her thought-provoking questions, and her accepting tone. She granted me the freedom and permission to dive into the murky waters--where I found my voice. It was there that my Father God was waiting for me. Thank you, Jo Ann, for helping me get to the other side, one word at a time.

Diane Cunningham
Founder & President, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs
avatarI just want to hug you right now. Nothing you said should have brought me to tears, yet I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. Family and friends would tell you I'm not an emotional person--it's just a combination of the rawness and you simply understanding where I'm coming from. Thank you for conveying that understanding.

Elizabeth Buhrke
Independent Consultant, Mary Kay
avatarAs if she's sitting right across from you chatting over hot tea {or coffee}, and with courageous, soul-baring honesty, Jo Ann shares her story and the faith that ultimately mended her soul. Whether you need restoration or you are looking for a way to help others, Jo Ann gives you the resources to come away renewed. Encouraged. Inspired.

Nicole Notare
Editor, Guideposts
avatarWhen a Woman Finds Her Voice is such an important book for anyone who wants to mine the past, heal like crazy, and find joy today. Jo Ann Fore takes readers gently on a journey of discovery as she shares her own healing path with breathtaking authenticity. If you've wanted to live free from a painful past, pick up this book.

Mary DeMuth
Your Life UnCaged
avatarI am 47-year-old Indian mom. I was born a Hindu, but received a great revelation of God's love for me, and am now Christian. In His Sovereignty, God made sure that I received a copy of your book. I now walk in a deeper level of freedom because of it. I thank you.

Rajes Reddy
Chief Operations Office
avatarYour book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice, has truly changed my life. As a Christian Counselor, but mostly as a woman, I will use what has encouraged me to empower others.

Dr. Debra Brooks
Counselor. Speaker. Coach.
avatarJo Ann’s story and use of scripture as the way to heal and reclaim the right to speak one’s truth is spiritually inspired. Her life experience, authentic voice, wisdom, and poetic narrative call you to remember your own struggles to speak your truth and to examine if there’s more work to be done . . .

Dr. Deborah M. Khoshaba
Founder of Psychology in Everyday Life
avatarStanding in the Family Christian Bookstore listening to one woman tell another how amazing your book is and how your words have propelled her to freedom. I know how she feels . . . I am so thankful you found your voice. We are all better for it.

Brenda Franklin Strout
avatarYour book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice, offers beautiful and creative ways to aide in sharing your story or healing from your story in a way that connects you with God and helps you to un-silence your voice. I am so blessed to finally have the tools to help me break free and make my voice heard! Thank you.

Tina Evans
avatarJo Ann is an inspiration. She is knowledgeable and is able to quickly assess and coach surrounding target demographics and strategic marketing. She is a gracious leader that listens, manages, and delegates with grace. I always get excited to work on a project with Jo Ann as I know it will be done with excellence and that the gifts and talents I bring to the project will be honored.

Carey Bailey
With Joy Studios

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