The Scream Dream

SCREAMEver have the nightmare where you are so frightened that you try to scream and nothing happens? You’re in obvious danger. There’s no way out. You open your mouth to scream but you’re paralyzed. Nothing comes—you’ve lost your voice.

An inability to release your fear is unbearable. Trapped emotions suffocate us. And they hinder the work that God wants to do in our hearts.

May we wake to the truth that God hears our voice. Although humanly imperceptible, our silent screams have reached the very ears of God (Psalm 18:6). And He promises a way out.

If you spend much time in the Bible, or in today’s world, you understand that real life isn’t made up of saccharine storybook tales. My childhood is no different. The fallout of painful life experiences left me voiceless for years.

I am only one of countless women who have suffered. While the circumstances and the scope of pain are diverse, pain is pain—individual and not to be compared. This common connection of emotional pain links me with soul-wounded women all around the world. Most likely, I share this bond with you. These are our stories. And stories like ours need to be dialogued.

There is an inextricable link between God’s goodness and the pain in our lives. There is a mysterious path which lies between our suffering and hope. An emotionally-expensive tutor, our stories light the path to a whole new perspective of Jesus.

There is an undeniable healing power in finding our voice, in telling our stories.

Karen Trigg, founder of Ruth’s Hope, shares, “As I learned to process my emotions on paper, it forced me to search for the right words to describe a feeling I didn’t fully understand. That practice uncovered a voice I didn’t know I had.”

Grant us courage, Lord. Courage to break the silence. Empower us to step into our scars long enough to uncover the healing you have planned for our lives. Help us to find our voice, and then use our voices to stir healing not only in our own lives but the lives of those surrounding us.



 Jo Ann Fore is an author, speaker, and writing coach. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of other women. Most noted for her authentic vulnerability, Jo Ann captivates her audience with faith-filled messages caramelized with a powerful promise of hope. Visit Jo Ann at and You can also download a free chapter of Jo Ann’s latest release, Inspired Women Succeed at




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