The theory of resolution lists

Column Post by Aj Luck

I can’t help but wonder, today being the day after New Year’s Day: Did you make a resolution list? We’re 24 hours in. How’s it going so far?

I have to be honest and admit I never make a resolution list. Each year I set out to write “the list”, but no words reach the page. It’s like the enemy of my soul beats me to the punch. His list is far worse than a mere resolution reminder. Instead, it’s an ongoing list of my “un” accomplishments.

I didn’t keep to my diet (in fact, I GAINED weight).
I have no discipline.

I didn’t handle my money very well (always seem to struggle).
I am not trustworthy.

I didn’t finish my novel I started.
I have no focus.

I faced struggles and challenges with my son.
I am a horrible parent.

I faced struggles and challenges with my husband.
I am not lovable.

I didn’t devote enough quiet time to God.
Have I mentioned lack of discipline?

I still struggle with painful memories of my past.
I will never be emotionally healed.

I struggled with my health.
I am destined to be sick my entire life.

The list of accusations grows longer each year. I fear writing out my resolutions because I don’t want to be reminded of my failures.

Am I alone in this? Does anyone else battle fears of setting goals? There has to be a point where we face our fears, failures and fear of failure head-on and start fighting back.

One of my favorite authors, Madeleine L’Engle said it best: “We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more than we are.”

How does one do this “Be brave” thing? Maybe the trick is to change our mode of operation, our thinking.

Confession: Everything I try to do in my own strength, I fail miserably at. MISERABLY!

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the doing, I forget about the asking.

I forget that God is interested in every aspect of our lives. He desires to be involved.  He says, “Ask me!”

ASK. Maybe that’s been the missing link all these years.

Simple asking. Trusting. A journal entry seems more appropriate than a list.

“Dear God,

Thank you for granting me another year.
Reveal what you would have me do.
Help me to accept your plan, trust your timing.
Help me get out of the way so your purposes may be accomplished in my life.
Strengthen me to walk the steps you’ve ordered and guide me the entire way.
In Jesus’ name I pray that the year 2013 truly is the year of You, Lord.”

“For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you,” says The Lord, “plans of good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jer. 29:11

Friend, I invite you to join me, to let go of your own goals and listen for God’s.

. . . . . . . . . .

Aj is a blogger, bookworm, wife and mommy, and an author of children’s books, spiritual thrillers, and inspirational works. Aj’s blog, Shattered Perspectives, is dedicated to encouraging and helping women who have suffered and/or are struggling with abuse. In her spare time Aj can be found nursing cold Diet Cokes and searching for awesome bargains in nearby thrift stores. She resides in Florida with her husband, son, two dogs and the biggest diva of a Siamese cat ever, and can be reached by email at For media requests pertaining to Write Where It Hurts, please contact Aj at

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6 thoughts on “The theory of resolution lists

  1. AJ, Your thoughts mirrored mine about making resolutions this year. The failures and disappointments come to mind when I even think of trying to do better. And I just don’t know of anything specific that God would want me to work on-there are too many to count that need to be workied on, it seems! I love your prayer and will use it myself as I pray for this new year. Thanks for the new way to look at this new beginning.

  2. Loretta,
    Thank you for your comment. Looks like great minds think alike! lol!
    I hope and pray that you have a wonderful 2013. Refuse to listen to the enemy. He is unable to tell the truth. He is the father of lies.
    The great news is, we serve an AWESOME God, who is NOT a man, that He should lie.
    May we take each step with Him, daily for a productive, God glorifying Year. 🙂
    What is impossible with man, is possible with God. 🙂
    Love, hugs and prayers!

  3. Many years ago, I decided to do away with new year resolutions. While many of us have good intentions and begin the year with enthusiasm, somewhere along the way we get distracted with “real” life. Our focus is shifted from our deepest heart desires and inspirations to confront obstacles; big and small.

    Rather than make new year resolutions, I write out a list of goals and prayers in my journal. Sometimes I copy this list on an index card to keep it posted as a daily reminder of what I’m seeking to improve. When I accomplish a goal or receive an answer to prayer, I check it off. Beside the check mark, I write the date so when I look back on it I recall when it was accomplished.

    At the end of the year, it’s very exciting to review the list and discover how God worked behind the scenes. Even if I did not complete all that I hoped for, I can celebrate the unexpected blessings, accomplishments, and answers to prayer.

  4. Dana,
    That sounds like an excellent idea!
    I just may borrow that one. 🙂
    I pray God’s extra special blessings and quality time with you throughout this year!
    Love, hugs and prayers!!

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