Tripped Up by Negative Patterns

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Guest post: Joanna Weaver

Of all the weapons the Enemy likes to use against us, I’m convinced that nothing is as deadly as the unconscious patterns we tend to develop in our lives.

Though we’ve been born-again in our spirits, our soulish natures—consisting of our minds, wills, and emotions—tend to run in ruts created by repetition. Self-defeating grooves formed by less-than-holy reactions arising from our flesh.

One of my early patterns was self-pity . . . it was tied to an abnormal desire to be loved and accepted.

How did I know this was a pattern? Simple. I kept repeating it. No matter the situation or conflict, I always seemed to end up huddled in an emotional corner, singing a sad medley of songs. “Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. Poor, poor, pitiful me.” Convinced that others were to blame while dismissing my own responsibility.

While at first self-pity wrapped itself tenderly around me like a warm shawl, confirming my victim status, it quickly turned into a straitjacket. The graveclothes that initially comforted me eventually tightened around me, choking out my joy. My hope. My breath. My life.

I don’t know what cyclical responses you keep returning to, but may I suggest it would be wise to find out. Begin by asking yourself, “What pattern keeps popping up time and time again?” Then consider this: “What abnormal desire might lie behind that reaction?”

Is it pride that lurks behind the rage that erupts when certain buttons are pushed?

Is it insecurity that causes overwhelming paranoia when you overhear someone talking but can’t quite hear what they say?

Is it love-hunger that causes feelings of rejection to surge within you when recognition is given to another or your value is ignored?

The circumstances may vary, but as you look closer, you can see a common denominator: your responses. Ugly, lower-nature reactions birthed out of legitimate needs twisted into unholy obsessions by the Enemy as well as your flesh. Petty, self-defeating patterns that need to be given over to Jesus, then given over again. And again and again.

Continually surrendered to God until you no longer surrender to them.

Deeper Still: What “self-defeating grooves” does the enemy like to exploit in your life?


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22 thoughts on “Tripped Up by Negative Patterns

  1. I already have this book and it is filled with so many pearls of wisdom. If you have been struggling in your Christian walk, you need this book.

    • Oh how familiar the road of insecurity and self-doubt is to many of us, Cheryl.

      I’m praying God continues exhorting you until you see yourself as we do. But most importantly, as He does. XO

    • Congratulations Cheryl! You were our random winner of a copy of Lazarus Awakening.

      Private message us your mailing address and we’ll get that out to you. You are about to be richly blessed, friend.

  2. I have read your last book… I loved it so much and I would love a chance to read this new book. Your ministry blesses me so much!

  3. Anything that Jo Ann Fore recommends has to be great! I look forward to reading this and sharing it with the women who meet with me and share life’s struggles with me!

    • Oh sweet friend, you bless me. You know I try hard to share awesome resources when I find them, and Joanna’s words long ago permeated the wall I had built around my heart.

      She has a love for Jesus that can’t help but leak into all she shares. And the DVD, filmed in the Holy Land, such a treat!


  4. Would have to be rejection, my voice not being heard. Stings so badly sometimes but keep Gods promises close at hand to soothe the pain, He is Good!

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