We R Wrtrs


Studies last year estimated American teens sent 3000 texts per month. Our world is fast-paced and technology filled. We are busy people with limited time.

We r wrtrs and we wnt2 kp our rdrs rdng AMAP. (We are writers and we want to keep our readers reading as much as possible.)

Since most people won’t read an article or manuscript in text format, writers must be creative. Several major sites highlight their articles to allow readers to skim and quickly pull out information.

Since that technique is not available in every format, make every word count. Everything you write should tell the reader something, make a point, and move the story forward. Keep the reader from skimming. Cut to the chase. Make your story or article interesting.

Don’t overwrite. Don’t use words to impress or just because you like how they sound. Don’t waste words; they all should have a purpose. Write for quality, not quantity.

Draw your readers in, and engulf them in their senses. The more emotion you bring out in the reader, the more they become emotionally attached.

Take your reader on a journey, dive them deep and leave them with points to ponder. And in the text message mode, if u b a wrtr, b the best!


Lisa Buffaloe is contributing author for The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter. Her articles have appeared in Angels on Earth magazine, as well as Guideposts, Rest Ministries, (in)courage.me, and others. She’s an active member of writing organizations and critique groups, leads Bible studies, and speaks to writer and women’s groups. Her manuscripts have placed as finalists in the 2011 Women of Faith and the 2010 ACFW Genesis writing contests, and won awards with other distinguished writing contests. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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