When God breaks our hearts for a purpose greater than us

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Column Post by Aj Luck

My Keurig had just finished brewing up a perfect cup of coffee. I sat down at my computer and tried to write. My thoughts were scattered and any inspiration seemed fleeting. Gently, my mind began drifting towards an image all too familiar. Silence surrounded me. Slowly tears escaped from my eyes and my heart began to break.

It began breaking for you.


You who are sitting alone in the corner crying tears of doubt and fear.
You who are hiding an abusive relationship behind a fake smile and an “everything’s fine”.
You who are trying to conceal bruises under layers of clothing and makeup.
You who are feeling abandoned, afraid and angry.
You who are desperate and depleted.


No, I have never met you, and the chances are highly unlikely that we will ever meet this side of heaven.


I know you, because I was you.

I was once lost in an abusive marriage.
I hid the bruises inside and out.
I questioned God and the choices I had made.
I cried tears of anger, loneliness and fear.
I was numb when I should have been alive.

I understand what and how you feel.

You do not have to hide any more, at least not from God.

He is not angry at you.
He is not punishing you.
He has not abandoned you.
He is right there. He wants to help you.

He desires to heal you, completely.

I know how hard it is to try to find the words to pray sometimes.

It is okay to JUST CRY.

Tears are just liquid prayers.

God understands the hurt and the pain and He is right there with you.

Run to Him.
Let Him heal you.
Let Him shelter you.
Let Him love you without conditions.
He will not hurt you.
When you have nothing else, you DO Have HIM.

Please know that He is tugging on the hearts of people all over the world to pray for you, right now.

He tugged on my heart today. He reminded me Who He was and who I am not.

He broke my heart for you this morning, and I prayed specifically for you.

I prayed that you would trust that you are not alone…
that you would find strength in the midst of your storm
that you would cling to God and KNOW that He is with you
that He would  encompass you with love and wisdom
that He would protect your heart, emotions, and being

that you would know, deep within your heart that…

You are his beautiful little girl!
You are not worthless!
You do have value and purpose in this world!

One day He just might break your heart for someone else who needs YOUR prayers.

Psalms 46: 1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

I am praying with you today.

. . . . . . . . . .

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Aj Luck is an author, blogger, bookworm, wife, and mommy. She loves to write children’s books, spiritual thrillers and inspirational works. She has a dedicated blog geared toward encouraging and helping women who have suffered and/or are struggling with abuse. www.shatteredperspectives.com

In her spare time Aj can be found nursing cold Diet Cokes and searching for awesome bargains in nearby thrift stores. She resides in Florida with her hubby, son, two dogs and the biggest diva of a Siamese cat ever. You can email her at aj@shatteredperspectives.com

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8 thoughts on “When God breaks our hearts for a purpose greater than us

  1. I just read your post on Write Where it Hurts this morning. It brought me right back to my own days of being subjected to abuse and how ashamed I was of myself for the same feelings you had. I picked an abuser more than once! More than twice! I have forgiven myself as God healed me and I began to see Him use my story to bring comfort to others too. Of course it’s a long story…as is yours. I know God will use every single hurt, every single tear you shed to help others in this position reach out to Him. After all, like you said, “tears are just liquid prayers.”

    I am writing a “memoir” blog at http://www.lindalochridge.com. It’s funny..I just started it in April and have about a dozen posts. I keep thinking, “I can’t wait till I get to the good part!” And there is a good part coming…a very good part! God brought a wonderful, dear man into my life and we married 18-years-ago. I am truly healed, but when the enemy comes in like a flood (as he is want to do), the Lord raises a standard against him (can’t remember where that is in the Bible and my concordance is upstairs). ;o).

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Liinda,
      Thank you so much for taking tiime to stop by Writewhereithurts.org today. I am so sorry to hear that you have similar experiences in your journey. HOWEVER, I am REJOICING WITH YOU that God has redeemed the pain and given you a wonderful love in your life. I am so thankful for your healing! Also, I applaud your courage for telling your story too on your blog. I know it can be painful to walk back through the memories sometimes, but there is purpose in pain. I have always said that nothing happens to us..for JUST US. It will always be for someone else along our journey..if we will only allow God to use our stories to glorify HIM.
      Praise God that we are ALL living stories in his perfect book!
      Love, hugs and prayers to you today!
      Aj Luck

  2. It’s been such a blessing to watch how God’s been shaping and refining you and then launching you out to bless others. This is incredible work…you just keep getting better and better!

  3. Jackie.. I am so glad that this message brought you comfort today. Sometimes, we ALL need reminded that God loves us unconditionally.
    May God wrap His arms around you tightly today and embrace you right where you are. You are His daughter and YOU hold a very special place in His heart!!
    Aj Luck

    • Thank you so much Vicki…that is my continual heart and prayer as each word hits the page.
      Blessings and hugs!!

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