When You Ask God “Why”

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Have you ever faced a trial that seemed too monumental to understand? The hurt, rejection, pain, suffering and denial feel so real that your only option is to shut it all out. You turn on autopilot and move through life determined to never open that space in your heart again for fear it will consume you.

I know the feeling well.

I’ve kept an extremely painful part of my life shut off from almost everyone. The few times my husband has asked about it I’ve simply glossed over his questions and changed topics. This has gotten me through the past year. While I’ve uncovered other hurts and healed from them, this particular cut has not mended. I haven’t given it permission—until now.

Ready now to confront my pain, I’ve cried out to God, finally asking the questions, scorching a hole I have been too scared to touch.

Why did this happen to me? I don’t understand. Why did you choose this for me? Couldn’t there have been another way?

The pain that courses my veins is the same some of you have felt. It’s pain from when a spouse leaves,  from losing someone to cancer,  from failing when you tried so very hard but came up short. For answers, we look in different places while the whole time God is waiting for us to ask him.

Our God is not a tyrant but a loving, compassionate, for us God. He wrote our stories during creation and He knew we would eventually ask why. He created the Word to give us comfort in our pain, knowing when we read the stories of others and see how He transformed their trials into beauty and redemption, we will see a piece of ourselves.

For so long I didn’t process the full scope of my hurts  because I was simply surviving. One thing happened, then three things, then ten things, and before I knew it I was in too deep. I wasn’t looking for help where I should have. I was relying on my own strength.

God will take us through the why’s if we allow Him to do the heart work in us. Now that I’ve uncovered the pain I can begin the grieving process and grant Him access to my deepest insecurities. He created me; He alone knows just what I need.

And He knows what you need too. Will you fully let Him in and allow His healing process ?


Together a group of us have been walking through the book, When A Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life’s Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference. We join hands and hearts here to paint a wide hope. {We’d like to think it’s wide enough to tempt you to your own healing journey.} We invite you to join us.

This week’s link up is about the “why” of it all, those times we find ourselves asking God “why.” Has there been a time in your life when you’ve questioned God’s love for you? Have you wondered how He could possibly have a purpose in what you’re walking through?? How has God answered you? Are you still searching for answers?    

Consider joining us? Link up your blog with us this week, and share with us your answers? If you aren’t a blogger, simply leave a comment below. We want to know how God is stirring in your heart. And be sure to stop in on some of the other bloggers, you never know the heart-connection that might be waiting.

4 thoughts on “When You Ask God “Why”

  1. Couldn’t find a place to comment of Babbling Brook, Living Stream’s blog about Why, so I’ll say it here. Thanks for a very sharing commentary. I really appreciated the graceful way you referred to the painful why questions from your past, and your thoughts on Jacob’s wrestling with the angel, all the while reassuring us of how the why questions of childhood morph into the why questions of the adult, wrapping up
    with how some whys will be answered and others are for the being answered in the community of heaven. Thanks again

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