When you face the fact that freedom takes work

Column Post by Beth Cranford

Several months ago I read a book about insulin resistance. I was ready to lose some tummy fat, get my energy back, and feel good again. As I read, I began feeling empowered; I was feeling thinner already! This book was exactly what I needed and I was no longer a prisoner to bad health. I was healthy. I was unstoppable.

Did you see the progression there? Just by reading the book I convinced myself that I was already healthier. Imagine my disappointment when a few weeks later I realized I wasn’t any healthier at all! Was it an ineffective book?

No. It’s a great book and it has the power to help any reader find better health…

 …IF said reader does what it says.

The same is true for any change we need to make. We can get the best information, secure the right tools, and be filled with hope and courage that change is on the way. But there’s really only one way any of that is going to produce results.

You have to use the tool!

It is my heart’s desire to be an instrument in God’s hands that will help free captives from depression. I’ll do my best to bring you valuable, biblical information, compassionate support, and honest, personal testimony. And I ask something of you in return: I ask that you make a commitment to “do the hard stuff.”

This is a battle.

And you will not win if you do not fight.

Jesus won the battle for your soul on the cross. You have an enemy who will do whatever it takes to convince you that you are not free. But he’s a liar.

Are you willing to pick up your weapons?  Will you do the work that freedom requires?

If you simply read these words — or the words of someone else God sends your way –  and do not put them into action, you will not be changed.

So, if I…

…explain to you that exercise is vital to your mental health…
…tell you that you need to have quality relationships in your life…
…show you some powerful changes you need to make in your diet…
…suggest that you stop ruminating on the negative things in your life…
…encourage you to discover the truth about who you are in Christ…
…implore you to stop looking for support in all the wrong places…

(and I will)

…then don’t tell me you’re too busy, or too tired, or too broke, or that you can’t control it…or whatever.

This is your life.

I want you to win this battle. I want you to turn around and help the person climbing the mountain behind you to win her battle. If you want that too, then you must choose to take up your weapons, put on your armor, and do the hard stuff.

Will you make a promise to yourself today? Will you promise to pick up your armor and fight?

No more excuses.

. . . . . . . . . .

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Beth Cranford believes every Christian has been equipped and empowered to do specific and effective work in the kingdom of God. It is her heart’s desire to see women live in the freedom that is theirs through Christ by helping them break free from depression and other strongholds. She encourages women to experience God’s power in their lives by understanding their identity and position in Christ and their unique design.

Beth has a passion for helping Christian parents design and implement an education that honors and nurtures their children’s individual design, equipping them for a life of freedom and power.

Beth has been married to her best friend for 21 years. Together they raise and educate their two children in middle TN. You can find her at http://www.bethcranford.com

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2 thoughts on “When you face the fact that freedom takes work

  1. Beth, thank you for such a motivational message. It was filled with so much passion and I truly appreciate it. While many individuals desperately seek change they do not know where to begin. When they look at the “Big PIcture”, all they see is a steep mountain before them. It is paralyzing and frightening, which may lead to being stuck in a continual rut.

    Therefore, my suggestion if for readers to consider only one step at a time, instead of all of the tasks at once. Look for an area in your life where you need the most change. Have the courage to be honest with yourself about your challenges and choose the highest priority. Once you break this down to simple steps, focus only on the task at hand. Do not fret or worry about anything else.

    Affirm your determination to make necessary changes by writing your goal on an index card. Place the card with your written goal onto your bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Each time you see it, reaffirm that you are moving closer to your goal. Believe in yourself that you can achieve this one step at a time. Even baby steps will bring you closer to completing what’s before you. Yes, it may take longer, but it will be worth it in the end.

    Once you are able to check off this goal, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You did it!!! Then go to the next goal and take those baby steps one day at a time. Keep your eye on the end result. Have a crystal clear plan and you will gradually check this one off, too. While it does take much time, attention, and effort on your part, if you break each task into little steps, you will eventually meet the finish line. Your success will transform your life from the inside out and be the abundant blessing God has desired all along.

  2. Dana,
    Absolutely! One step at at time is the only way to get anywhere. I know I can get overwhelmed with all of the changes I need to make. In a moment of overachievement I develop a grand plan to make all the changes at once. The next day I’m a complete failure. I’m learning to do exactly what you said, pick the one thing that will make the biggest positive difference and work on that. Success breads success. One perfected habit will make the next one easier.

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