Write Yourself A New Story With a Happy Ending (& A FREE Magazine:)

do-overThe turn of the year always stirs a reflective mode in me. What did I celebrate from the year just passed?  More importantly, what do I wish I could change?


There’s something about a new year that promises new beginnings. A do-over, of sorts. And I don’t know about you but my inbox has been flooded this week with countless promises to improve my life. But I’ve been through enough do-overs (we won’t discuss how many) to know that there is a genuine art to a true fresh start.


Do you want 2012 to be different? Truly different? Genuine change begins when we cultivate an atmosphere of expectation. Do you believe that change is possible? I do. But I believe it only comes as we learn to:

1. Surrender to God’s sovereignty.
2. Understand that our past doesn’t define us.
3. Live intentional lives in order to be the person we want to be.

God designed us for a joy-filled life of purpose. If you aren’t living out the fullness of that life, I suspect you have some emotional clutter which is blocking God’s plan. And sometimes we need a safe place to cut through the hard stuff. If that’s you, I invite you to join us on a 100-day healing journey.

Our newly released Write Where It Hurts journal offers 100 days (200 pages) of perspective-changing writing prompts and inspirational quotes designed to help you reconcile any emotional clutter with God’s purpose for your lives.

Not only beautiful in appearance, it is an inspirational tool for writing.  The individual quotes and thoughts on each page not only serve as encouragement, but they have prompted deeper, more soulful writing; a genuine sharing of the deepest things in my heart and mind. This journal is a wonderful tool, in fact, the best journal I have ever used!
Kayla Watts, Texas

Many of us have used journaling as a form of self-therapy but it often amounted to little more than unburdening. I’m talking about much more than that. Without divine intervention, journaling in itself doesn’t usually lead to a genuine healing connection. To uncover what God has in store for us, it is crucial to marry the truth of scripture with our purging.


Just received your journal…it is gorgeous. So excited to see what the Lord will do.
Jo-Ann Sass, Canada


I share this journal in the hope that, like King David, you will write through any lingering pain–right into the arms of a loving, restoring God who has big plans for you!

I thumbed through it with excitement. The glossy cover was beautifully decorated in green, my favorite color, and the pages were a crisp white. The journal extended an immediate invitation: Grab your black, ultra-fine Sharpie and write inspired words!
Beth Jones, Missouri


Are you ready to write where it hurts? Are you ready to move into the fullness of God’s plan for your lives in 2012? I would be honored to join you on the journey. Check out the new Write Where It Hurts journal here; you’ll find a sneak peek at the inside pages.

I have not started writing in my journal because it is so beautifully made. (Beth Jones addressed that very thing in her blog post. Go ahead ladies; write in it, we’ll make more 🙂
Pat Eunis, Tennessee

P.S. The first ten women who Order your journal before midnight on 1/9/12 receive a free issue of Guideposts, March 2012. This issue features a vignette of my life; the story of a tumultuous season that triggered my passion for writing through painful life experiences.  

One thought on “Write Yourself A New Story With a Happy Ending (& A FREE Magazine:)

  1. I hurt so badly. I am 72 years old and my husband of 27 years left me. At least I guess he’s my husband. We were married in 1991, divorced in 1994, and got back together in 1998 but haven’t remarried. My Christian friends say that in God’s eyes we are married but I’m not so sure. I’ve wanted to be married but he hasn’t. I was in the hospital all of October, 2011, sick throughout November and most of December, and back in the hospital for most of January. I was only home from the hospital a few days when he told me he was moving out because he couldn’t take my illnesses and panic attacks, that in fact, the panic attacks had been the final straw. I’ve been sick and had chronic pain most of the years that we’ve been together and he feels that he’s been a caretaker long enough. He says he’s just so tired and that maybe we’ll get back together but I doubt this. I have to move out of my house by March 15 and i just can’t seem to function. I know that God answers prayer. I”ve been a Christian for a long time and I truly love the Lord Jesus and know in the depths of my heart that He’s my Savior. My husband also says he’s a Christian and I believe this. I’ve been praying that God’s will be done in my circumstance but I want to scream and beg god to restore our relationship, have us marry, and live out my life with my husband. What is the right thing to do?

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