Every Woman Has a Story

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There’s something that happens when silence hangs like shadows, when brokenness stains the spirit, when the lining of hope sheds from the heart.

Far too often, lingering emotional hurts block us from connecting heart-to-heart with others and from sharing the message God created us to share. But hiding won’t protect our hearts forever, no matter how high our walls.

A while back, we gathered together here in online community and walked through this study on finding our voices. We’ve archived our journey here, so that when you grab your copy of When A Woman Finds Her Voice, you can use this study as a resource to help you go deeper still. {As you walk through the study, remember that the comments are still open and we encourage you to keep us posted on your progress in the comments section of each post.}

Discover your true voice, and learn to use it to encourage others.

You have a story



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