Are You Drinking Only Bottled Water?

Guest post by Thecia Jenkins

Have you ever wondered what we did before bottled water?  Most people prefer bottled water; according to the New York Times in 2008 there were 8.8 million gallons sold here in the United States.  Over eight millions gallons! Have we fallen into a pattern, a mindset?

I think of the woman at the well who sought water; a woman willing to break tradition, cultural beliefs, and mindsets to get a breakthrough.

Over the last fifteen years I have had the opportunity to work with survivors of domestic and sexual violence from diverse racial/ethnic, faiths, socioeconomics, age, etc.  I have noticed that the ones who successfully move forward in their lives are the ones who willingly received a word, instruction, and encouragement from people who knew their background, pain and circumstance. Sometimes this encouragement came wrapped in an unlikely package–people very different from themselves–but the survivors willingly accepted the hope, they trusted.

Moving forward past our pain sometimes means reaching out to someone unfamiliar, seeing ourselves through different lenses, and being vulnerable to accept living water from an unlikely source.  Are you holding onto any traditions, beliefs. or mindsets that have caused you to refuse living water because it has not come in the package that you are accustomed to?

Are you willing to surrender you cup and receive living water–even if it doesn’t look like you thought it should?


Thecia Jenkins, speaker and life coach, works with individuals who are ready to move into their purpose. She delivers keynotes, trainings and life coach sessions focusing on communication skills, emotional intelligence and cultural competence. Ms. Jenkins is described as fiery and passionate with the ability to bring clarity and connect with people. For more information, visit her at

One thought on “Are You Drinking Only Bottled Water?

  1. Oh, yes I want His living water every day…thanks for sharing Thecia. Lots of wisdom in letting go, releasing and giving freely as we have received. Healing is powerful and possible every day in so many ways. God bless.

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