When A Woman Finds Her Voice Online Study {Free!}



There was a time I hurt so badly I was certain I’d never get over it, a time when I based reality on those feelings instead of Truth. It was those times I bought into the lie I should bury my hurts, refuse to dialogue the pain. 

There’s something that happens when silence hangs like shadows, when brokenness stains the spirit, when the lining of hope sheds from the heart. 

Far too often, lingering emotional hurts block us from connecting heart-to-heart with others and from sharing the message God created us to share. But hiding won’t protect our hearts forever, no matter how high our walls. It’s time we come together within the safety of healing community, time to learn how to overcome these hurts of life so we can live lives of purpose and freedom, lives of joy.

We’re doing just that, starting  Monday, November 18th, and oh how I hope you’ll join us! You will receive all the study information in your email, but you will also have the option of connecting in prayer times, private groups, blog posts, and a live chat during our time together.

Through this study, you will learn to:

  • Identify lies {false voices} and replace them with truth.
  • Pull down mental traps and strip away their false sense of power.
  • Connect within healthy community, even when you’ve been hurt.
  • Move beyond lingering hurts and reclaim your stalled dreams.
  • Share the story you’ve been hesitant to share.

The study is designed to fit your schedule, flexible because it’s online.

Are you ready to uncover a fresh hope for these hard places of life, a practical hands-on hope that will help you break free from any fear, hurt, or lies  that threaten to cloud Truth from you?

Hop over here to leave us your name and let us know you’ll be coming. I can’t wait to connect, and to grow deeper together.

One thought on “When A Woman Finds Her Voice Online Study {Free!}

  1. Thank you Jo Ann, I am looking forward on reading your books. I loss my first born grow son. A single father of five wonderful children in a car accident a year ago Sept. 14, 2012. He had a heart attack and never made it to work. It’s been very hard on all of us. For some reason it has put my daughter and I in a difficult relationship. He lived with me and his child. For some reason my daughter felt I should of done much better watching what he eats and is kinda feels a lot of resentful feeling for me. I think it goes deeper then that. I have felt unloved by her after her dad and I divorce . She was already out of high school and ever since then she show no love for me at all. It’s very hurtful. I now feel I loss my son and also my daughter. I hoping these books can help me understand why is this happening to both of us. I do have a lot of faith in our lord. All I do is pray for us all.

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