Faith Is a Funny Thing


Guest post by Kate Powers

Faith is a funny thing. It can make you do crazy things, things no one around you understands. Faith can bring you under criticism or rain praises. By definition, faith is trust or belief without proof and is often described as blind.

My favorite quote about faith is, “Faith doesn’t make sense; that’s why it makes miracles.” (John Di Lemme).

When I look back at the miracles in my life, whether large or small, there is usually a step, leap or free-fall of faith involved. Of course, the need for faith usually comes from a challenging situation or life circumstance. I have been blessed by these challenges as each one created an opportunity to open myself to the unknown—and that is where miracles are made.

Faith is all or nothing – you either have it or you don’t. You can’t have faith and worry at the same time. When we worry about the tiny details we are closing the door on a miracle occurring. Of course you are responsible for your part of the process. It just means that, having done all you can, you allow the rest to be taken care of, trusting the outcome. I’m sure my fellow control freaks will agree that this is not always easy to do, especially when that control is rooted in a personal need for perfection as a way to “fix” any and every situation.

There is an element of faith that requires complete surrender.

Surrender the control.
Surrender my idea of the right solution.
Surrender my will.

Through surrender I leap, or more accurately, free-fall into the land of faith. There is something liberating in the free-fall. In releasing my grip on the outcome I give myself permission to not be responsible for delivering the perfect outcome. By accepting my humanness and relinquishing control, I create the space for the miracle to occur.

I open my heart and mind to greater possible outcomes than I myself could ever imagine.

Faith is a daily practice in my life. I can get so distracted by the tiny details, consumed by worry over that which I have no control that I can waste time and energy. In these moments of weakness I re-center, reminding myself to release my white-knuckled grip and simply trust.


About Kate Powers: Published author, speaker and coach, Kate shares information, experience and useful tools to help women rethink their limiting beliefs, incorporate their values in all areas, reduce emotional baggage and move forward with confidence and knowing. Kate has been a passionate advocate for her clients for over 10 years and recently released her second book.


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2 thoughts on “Faith Is a Funny Thing

  1. We’re a one income family. It is by choice, not forced by the economy. Every now again I look at the magic checkbook and know that no matter how many times I shake it and ask my question, it will always tell me, “Not now” or “Ask again later” or, my least favorite, “No.” Those are the times I start worrying. Where’s the gas money going to come from? What about groceries? Are we going to make the insurance payment? Every single time I freak out, my husband calmly looks me in the eye, takes me by the shoulders and asks, “Has God ever NOT taken care of us?” Letting go of that fear and simply having faith that my Father will keep his promise, has always kept his promise, is one of the hardest things to do.

    Thank you for the encouragement, Kate. The reminder that I am not in control is so very much needed.

  2. Kelly,
    I fully appreciate your Miracle Math checkbook!
    One thing I have found helpful in the letting go process is knowing I did my part. Each day, to the best of my ability I do what I can to live God’s will. Living each day as I know He intends gives me the ability to let go of the control and give Him the space to work His miracles 😉

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