How losing gold gained me a brighter perspective

Guest Post by Dana Arcuri

It can be scary allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and share our painful experiences. Removing the pretty mask we wear and pretending all is fine when in reality we are struggling. Stepping out of our comfort zone to be real.

Last November, my husband was laid off work. It was right before the holidays, the most stressful time of the year. We were devastated. We had no savings account or extra income. How on earth could we manage to give our three kids Christmas gifts with no money to spare? Even worse, how would we even pay rent and utilities and maintain the expenses of daily living?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I prayed. I cried. I pleaded with God to come to our rescue. Determined to find realistic solutions, I put on my thinking cap. What I came up with was not something I would have ever considered in the past. Some would criticize me or say I’m crazy.

On a cold winter day, I sold our gold wedding rings for extra income.

Although ordinarily I would never have done such a thing, I had bravely sought all options. Selling gold happened to be one of them. I was willing to give up our precious wedding rings to provide a merrier holiday for our kids.

When rent came due, my husband sold his brand new truck. The trade-off meant our family had a warm roof over our heads for one more month. It was a decision made not in haste, but in earnest prayer.

Plagued with worry, I asked the Lord to show me what else I could sell to earn extra income. Instantly, I recalled five American Girl Dolls packed away in a box. I asked my teenage daughters if I could sell their dolls. After I had explained the financial situation, both daughters agreed.

Clinging to hope I placed the ad, while asking God to handpick the girls who would be blessed with a gently used doll. I prayed, and God moved powerfully behind the scenes. Within one week of posting the ad all five dolls were sold, and we earned the needed income. What a blessing!

I humbly share my Christmas story to demonstrate how God powerfully answered prayers during a financially difficult time. No matter what obstacles or trials you may face, be encouraged that He will equip you to overcome your battles.

The Lord is always faithful. With His help and guidance, we were able to provide gifts for our children and remain in our home. While we were sad to give up our treasured possessions, God taught us how much more important it is to give than receive. Joyful, we celebrated a brighter Christmas with our Heavenly Father’s love shining through.

. . . . . . . . . .

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Dana is an ordinary wife, mother, and sister, but a daughter of an extraordinary Heavenly Father. She has a heart for prayer and reaching out to hurting women. Dana writes for the heart-n-soul to provide hope, healing, and rising above unrelenting hardships. She is a contributing author of Inspired Women Succeed and is working on her debut book, Harvest of Hope: Living Victoriously Through Adversity.  Dana blogs at

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2 thoughts on “How losing gold gained me a brighter perspective

  1. Dana, your words are so powerful because they are true. Time when finances are hurting the most is when we see God showing up as “Jehovah Jireh.” He will provide. I love to share the story of a time when I lost my husband (he left), my home (a rental), my car (the block blew), my job (temporary job and laid off), and I had to go live with others and have my daughter live with our associate pastor’s family. I felt like I lost everything! Within three months God had replaced it all. I had an adorable apartment with a pool (kids were ecstatic!), a car, a job, and my children and I were back together. I didn’t get my husband back, but that was a bonus (snicker). Those were hard times but I learned powerful lessons from God.

  2. Linda, thank you for sharing your own life-changing experience when God powerfully intervened in your behalf to meet all of your needs. There is a saying that God is never too early, never too late, but just on time. I love these God moments when He touches lives in such a remarkable way! Although people and circumstances may disappoint us, God is always faithful.

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