A Winning Loser

Guest post by Joyce Harrell

Do you ever get news that should really be bad news, but somewhere inside you rejoice? A few days ago, on a Friday afternoon when everyone was gearing down their week to start the weekend, I received such news. I had clocked in enough time for the week; I decided to accept an early afternoon hair appointment for a much needed make over.

Around 5:00 PM, I finished my appointment.  My work phone kept making noise, like I had a message. I discovered my employer had sent out an email requiring a mandatory phone conference with myself and 11 other nurses who worked for her through a third party company. And the call was in 5 minutes.

Are you kidding me? How dare them! A mandatory phone conference at 5 PM on a Friday?

I wanted to ignore it, but realized how strange the request was. As the phone conference got underway, I noticed my boss was not starting the call until everyone was there.

What in the world?

As her words eked out, I felt I was in a slow moving picture show.

“XYZ Company has decided to go with another consulting company; they have decided to terminate our contract effective today. You will not report to work for them after today. You need to turn your expenses in no later than today, to make sure you will be reimbursed for your mileage.”

 I have been blessed with a 6 figure income as a nurse from this company. My husband is unemployed right now. This meant no income coming into our home!

After the initial shock, I called my husband and told him the news. He asked how I was doing. There was not a tear. There was not a fear.  Was the shock so deep I couldn’t respond? Other nurses were angry. A lot of emotion transpired on that phone call. I didn’t have any, except this twinge of freedom stirring inside.

Now I can be free to work on the business/ministry God has equipped me for.

I called a business associate and shared the news. We were both laughing and excited as we thought about walking in purpose and doing what God had given me a passion for. I thought surely this excitement will wear off, and I will have a nervous breakdown. Isn’t that what is expected of us when things go wrong?

How could I have such peace?

It’s been a week and a half since that news. I found out the next day, probably due to legal reasons, the XYZ company had decided to allow us to work until December 31. So, I have a few more weeks to plan and prepare. Since then God has opened up creative ideas. Deuteronomy 8:18 says “He gives us power to create wealth” (paraphrased). The creative ideas haven’t quit coming. I have had plenty of naysayers tell me I need to look for a “job” really quick. They are trying to project their fear and negativity on me. I did have one day of anxiety over the whole situation last Friday. I’m praying, and gaining support from those who are visionaries. I don’t know how this is all going to unfold but I am moving forward with anticipation and awe as God leads my path.  New doors have already opened to me since that day; I am trusting God for the outcome! I am in the midst of several business launches, and I have a peace that passes all understanding. That is good enough for me!

Joyce Harrell is a Mom, Wife, Nana, Nurse, Health & Wellness Coach, Low Glycemic Mind-Body Transformation Coach, Author, Women’s Ministry Speaker, Certified Vision Board Coach, and Aromatherapist.  Her unique talent is to empower self-acceptance and purposeful living utilizing the Word of God, wellness principles, vision boards, and essential oils. Joyce emphasizes simple principles for individuals who desire to feel better about whom they are as they are empowered to bring positive changes to their emotional and physical selves.  In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Joyce has also received training as a wellness coach through Wellcoaches, and the Wellness Inventory coaching programs. She has co-authored the soon to be released book Heart of Success.

In addition to her Health/Wellness coaching business, she has founded the organization Nurses On The Edge, for nurses who are stressed, eat on the run, or are on the edge of burnout in their nursing careers. Her wellness programs can be utilized by individuals, groups, or the workplace. You may contact Joyce at joyce@lowglycemicnurse.com, or get on her mailing list at http://www.lowglycemicnurse.com.  Receive your free copy of CPR for the Kitchen Pantry when you opt in for her newsletter. Nurses can sign up for The N.O.T.E. (nurses on the edge) newsletter at http://www.nursesontheedge.com

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