Live with an Open Heart


Guest post by Sandy Myers

I met my husband right before I turned 30 years old. The journey to find love took a long time, but well worth the wait. I had a lot of fear and trust issues due to the pain of unresolved issues from the past. My mind was toxic and I felt stuck in a rut in the relationship department.


Why was I single?


Singleness is not a curse, by any means, but I longed for companionship. Why could I not believe love would find me? These painful areas of my life caused me to be narrow- minded, blinded, and jaded. My mentality leaked out into my attitude. It came out during “attempted” relationships. I quickly realized these areas needed resolution.


With the best intentions, in hopes of newness and romance, I sought relationship—but my heart was closed. Why was I single? I hadn’t mastered the art of loving myself. Now, I am not referring to prideful self-absorption, but a celebration of my worth and value, freedom from my past, and from a negative false sense of identity.


Before the right person came into my life, I had to get things right within me. Insecurity often robbed me of opportunities to build healthy relationships with the opposite sex. No one would know how to show me love until I discovered my strengths and was open to the love I deserved. I read a FABULOUS book that changed my life back in 2007 entitled, “The Path”, by Laurie Beth Jones. This book helped me to embrace the mission of my life. The activities in the book allowed me to write about my character, along with qualities of my ideal relationship. This valuable reading taught me how to tap into faith and visualize the life God wanted for me.


In addition, I wrote in a journal for days, and I got specific about the state of my heart. I dismissed the lies I embraced from my past, and my faith helped me to believe for more.


Six weeks later, by a miracle of God, I met Chad. A year later I was married. There is no magic formula to marriage. I am not implying one. The principle I want to highlight is to open your heart to personal wholeness and let go of the past. Open your heart to faith, and allow God to show you His best intent for you.


The past does not dictate your future. Past hurt or failed relationships do not have to be stumbling blocks. These “failures” or “disappointments” are simply avenues to healing and personal wholeness. There are certain seasons designed for introspection and personal encouragement.

At some point, your life demands you to opt out of living with a closed heart. You are designed to thrive. Thriving is all about blooming and opening your heart to an exceptional life. I love the truth behind this quote from Anaïs Nin: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Is it your season to ”Open Your Heart?”



Sandy Myers, CPC is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and founder of Thrive Now Coaching. She specializes in helping women align their lives to their purpose, promote self-awareness, and gain  personal fulfillment in their current roles of influence. Sandy brings over 10 years of work experience in the areas of sales, counseling, coaching, and non-profit organization. Sandy is active leader at her church in Kissimmee, FL, and enjoys teaching and motivating people. She posts weekly articles and podcasts on her website, Contact Sandy for a FREE 30 min coaching consult.

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