You’re Made for Rest

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Guest Post, Holley Gerth


I skid my toes along the edge of the water. It’s brilliant blue, the color of the deepest sky. I let out my breath slowly and close my eyes. I listen to the waves. In. Out. In. Out. I match their rhythm and slow down inside.

I think of words spoken by my life coach and friend, Denise Martin. “Holley,” she said, “people aren’t made to keep the same level of productivity all the time. It comes in waves. Go with it. You need rest sometimes.”

I watch the ebb and flow of the tide and know she’s right. I’ve known this somewhere deep inside every time I’ve come to the ocean since I was a little girl. But I forget. In the middle of the busy and expected, it gets lost.

We are not machines. Only machines can produce nonstop. And even then, they break down.

Rest is not wasted time.

Rest is preparation.

When it’s quiet in my life, when I can’t hear God’s voice, when I can’t see the next adventure, I begin to think something is wrong with me. I try to raise the tide. Surely if I can just do something, then I will prove my worth again.

But the God of the sea whispers instead to my heart . . .

“Peace, child, you are loved.”

“Peace, child, you are right in the middle of my purpose for you.”

“Peace, child, more will come when it is time.”

I let those words wash over me again and again until my heart knows their rhythm. Yes, this is the way it is meant to be. Work and rest. Rest and work. And love in it all.

I throw a small shell into the water. It sinks to the bottom, and I watch it resting there, wondering where the waves will take it next. The inevitable journey.

And there is no more reason to strive.


You're Going to Be Okay

Holley’s new book, You’re Going to Be Okay: Encouraging Truth Your Heart Needs to Hear, Especially on the Hard days, released yesterday! The {awesome} book is available from AmazonBarnes & NobleDaySpring (20% off with coupon code Holley20 on and local stores like LifeWay and Family Christian. Go. grab. yours.

Deeper Still: How do you make room for rest? Or if you struggle with an all consuming busy-ness, what is one way you can rest this week, one small way you can make room for this quiet refreshing?

{photo and quote design by Sara Torbett}

7 thoughts on “You’re Made for Rest

  1. I have found that one afternoon on the weekend I just need to sleep! An hour or two nap does wonders for me. I’ve also been prone to escape into my room after hubby gets home so he and the kids can hang out while I actually catch my breath from the busyness of the day. But I’m sure there are other ways for me to find rest in the middle of the chaos. Thank you for the beautiful words Holley!

  2. I’ve had a sort of “forced” rest lately and have been fighting it. “Rest is not wasted time”… exactly what I needed today. Sometimes I think you’re in my head, Holley. You’re a blessing to me. xo

  3. The one thing I struggle the most with is time alone with God. I can come up with lots of excuses, but they are just that, excuses.

    I have learned to say no and to turn down opportunities (unless they benefit God or my ministry for Him in some way, and even then, I need to remember where I am supposed to be), to be at home with my family, being a wife and mother to the best of my abilities without the worry or stress of all that bogging me down. Thank you Holley for this guest post and for writing this book. I can’t wait to dig into this one. <3

  4. What a Beautiful and Refreshing thought to actually be told in our over hectic busy lives Thank You Jo Ann & Holley Gerth!
    Love Peace Joy & Rest!!!
    I really needed to hear that.

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