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A couple months ago I opened my DayTimer and found myself laughing aloud at the ridiculousness of the number of things I’d crammed into one thirty-day period. All the work I had to do, the causes I’m passionate about, and the personal commitments I try to daily live into, they sat there mocking me.

There are those days the stressful overwhelm steals the vision, those days the chaos trumps the joy of my purpose, and I wonder where God is in all of this. 

I’ve accepted this call to leadership, enjoy it most days. My heart’s desire is to see people’s lives changed. But sometimes a girl needs to remember the depth of our influence isn’t measured by the things we do—it’s the people, the relationships, the true impact that counts.

It’s a dangerous vortex, this heaped-up, overpowered “to-do” list that encouragers often find themselves battling. Because who has time for grace and love when you’re simply trying to survive?

I’m learning this, how we can’t be all things to everyone, and how sometimes we have to reassess our priorities. Otherwise, we risk crowding our lives with a chaos God never intended, and those good people and wonderful projects won’t ever get the full attention or space they deserve.

So I’m realigning some things, facing some pretty crucial life-guiding questions. I’m asking myself “what’s working well,” “what’s not working well,” and “what intentional choices will I need to make to create lasting change?” Though the questions are hard, I find myself devouring the hope tucked deep inside.

It’s not a straight line, it rarely is, but I am learning how to create an ideal schedule and work outward from there in order to restore calm to my daily routine. And there’s a change of perspective stirring that offers a freshness that’s changing more than my schedule.

Sometimes it’s less about finding space, more about creating it. 

So how do we do it? When we don’t even have time to think about our time, how are we supposed to free ourselves from the exploding “to-dos” and grant our soul the rest it craves? There’s never a specific formula for women as a whole, but I’m happy to share some of the things working for me as I walk this path . . .

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  1. Oh Dear Jo Ann. Confession time? This, right here, is what I’ve been praying all summer for you. I’m so extremely happy for you. Love you so.

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