I’m Not That Girl Anymore


You don’t know me.

I’m not that girl anymore.

The one who used to listen when you came for me in the darkness, when you haunted me in my sleep. Kept me awake at night with your lies, your untruth, your malicious scheming ways.

I believed you. Believed I wasn’t enough. Dirty, unwanted, rejected, alone. Undeserving. Ashamed. I swallowed every word you seethed in my ear. The whispers only I could hear.

You knew my sin and you called me by its name. You defined me. Defiled me. Crippled me with your illusory power.

You don’t know me anymore. You don’t own me anymore.

I am a daughter.

I live by a worthy name.

My story is rewritten and my sin has lost its grip.

I am not defined by my past.

I hear your voice no more.

The shadows have lost their guise.

I am a light in the darkness. Reflecting the flame that lives in me. The One who knows my name, knows my sin, and loves me still.

I don’t live in your world anymore, where everything revolved around my failure, inadequacy, fear, guilt and shame. I am clothed in strength and dignity and I live by grace.

Wholly and dearly loved, deeply known and relentlessly pursued. Recklessly loved by a merciful, faithful Father I am washed clean. My past is redeemed, a rich testimony bringing glory to my Father. He has crowned me with beauty, instead of ashes.

You are defeated.

My future is secure.

You don’t know me.

I am free.


Guest post by Tammy Strait

8 thoughts on “I’m Not That Girl Anymore

  1. Thank You for your words… My heart tries to speak them, but the lies are still louder than what my heart knows should be true… I have said sooooo many times that I am still trying to ‘make Beauty from Ashes’ – before it’s too late… I’m glad You have discovered How-to at your young age…but then, ‘back then,’ I thought I had… It’s only much worse now – not better. I visited your blog. Nice idea about the Anonymous Deeds/Cards! Blessings.

    • oh Lynden, it’s never too late. I pray that you hear His truth, louder than the lies. feel His comfort and measureless love for you. holding you in prayer. xoxo

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love the way your declarations are strong and bold of who you are in Christ!

  3. Tammy, this was beautiful for those of us who have been lifted out of the miry clay, the pit of destruction and have been set upon the rock of Jesus…in Him we now have been healed and secured, given a new song to sing…Thank you!

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