Rise Up and Dance

Guest post by Jo-Ann Sass


The wanderings of my impatient soul have caused my foot to slip, and I’ve tumbled to the depth of the pit.

No light to see, no air to breathe, I’m lost in this desolate place.

My very flesh has betrayed me, and cares not of the jest and the haunt.

Despair grips my soul as thoughts of past joy, flee by to taunt me now.


Where is Your path, O God, I pray, and how shall I find it , I cry . . .

I’ve turned from Thee, and I know that You see, my thought and deed from afar.

Though I have fallen, and the dust is my bed, and my garments are vile and rot,

Shame and fear lie with me now but You’ve come to raise me up.


Your eye sees me all the day, and You never turn from me.

You bathe me in refreshment Lord, Your Word, it comforts me.

“Rise up, My child, and prepare for the day!”, is Your call to me.

You crush my enemy and hold me close,Whatever shall I fear?


All that was prepared for me, still hidden in You, for me.

As You open Your heart, I open my eyes, And it’s never been removed.

Never too far from You, can I stray,

Though I feel lost in Sheol.To You I’m a breath away.


I’m wrapped in Your love And bathed in Your light,

And I am part of You.

My enemies cry, and they scatter and flee,

For You have chosen Me.


Rise up and dance, and sing to the Lord, release the jewels and riches from the chamber of His palace.

Open your mouth and declare His mercies this day.

Trample the plans of the enemy and declare His freedom to the nations.


Fear not the weapon of the enemy,

For they are but wind and air.

Set free the captives and heal the lame,

And leap and dance for joy!



Jo-Ann Sass oversees Worship Arts at Harvest City Church in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is currently leading a group of women through the Write Where It Hurts journal on a weekly basis, as they come together for creative expression of fresh revelation from God. 



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