The Divine Dance

Fred-Astaire-and-Ginger-Rogers-150x150Ever sit at the computer keyboard and the words flow? No blocks. No disapproving boos. No self-editor who yells, “Stop. Rework it–it’s not good enough.” Nothing but blissful creativity.

Those moments are rare. A writer’s life is hard work. There always seems to be a better way to structure a sentence. Or maybe an idea requires deeper development. Or a desperate search for a metaphor, analogy, or simile to brighten the page. Perhaps a snippet of dialogue to draw in the reader. Something always nags us to do better.

But occasionally, there is that experience when all is right and the words fit perfectly together. The storyline flows and waltzes beautifully across the page. A genuine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers moment.

Unfortunately as a person with two left feet, and a writer who normally struggles with each word, that usually doesn’t happen to me.

However, when I come in God’s presence, I clasp my hands in His. To keep from tripping, I plant my feet on His, allowing Him to lead. Moving in tune with God, He leads me in a divine dance. In His loving grace, I glide along. The words will come. For now, I am going to enjoy the dance.



Lisa Buffaloe is contributing author for The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter. Her articles have appeared in Angels on Earth magazine, as well as Guideposts, Rest Ministries, (in), and others. She’s an active member of writing organizations and critique groups, leads Bible studies, and speaks to writer and women’s groups. Her manuscripts have placed as finalists in the 2011 Women of Faith and the 2010 ACFW Genesis writing contests, and won awards with other distinguished writing contests.. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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