The Taming of a Mind

Guest post by Alyssa Avant 

Most newlywed brides live in a fantasy land seemingly unshaken by anything negative that might arise in the new marriage. Despite no real negativity in my young marriage, my mind quickly conjured up problems of astronomical magnitude. 

 From a young age my mind would often spin into overdrive with a heightened sense of worry and angst. Anxious thoughts overran my brain—anything from worrying about the rain to stressing over whether or not my momma would return to pick me up after she dropped me off at school. 

 Throughout my teenage years I had learned to overcome some of these thoughts. But as I entered a new phase in my life as a young newlywed, the new undiscovered territory seemed to unearth those old fears once again. Would he cheat on me? Did he read his Bible or had I married an ungodly man?  Did I really know him? 

 Thought after anxious thought rushed through my mind.  No matter how madly in love with him I was, I couldn’t seem to stop the thoughts. Any misunderstanding or shortness in his tone of voice would set my mind to spinning. What would happen if I burned the rice? 

 Overcoming these fearful thoughts wasn’t easy. My mind played tricks on me, but over time I learned to trust the man who had never given me any reason not to. And it wasn’t like I had come from a background of mistrust; my parents had been married for over twenty years when I married, and I grew up in a strong Christian home.

 A mind can do mysterious things. 

 The mind truly can be a battlefield. Anxiety can hold you hostage in your own body. I learned to take control of my own thoughts, and as I did I began to live a life a bit more like the fairy tale we all hope for.


Alyssa Avant is a published author, professional speaker, and tech coach.  Alyssa has been working virtually since 2007. She has years of experience working with online professionals and business owners.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others so they can avoid the years of trial and error that she experienced as a new online business owner. Alyssa takes special pride in teaching entrepreneurs how to begin and handle all of their technology needs.  Alyssa has gone from being a solopreneur to building a team of professionals who help meet all her client’s technical needs. Visit her at


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One thought on “The Taming of a Mind

  1. Oh how I can relate to this one, Alyssa. The day before we wed, I told my husband I didn’t trust him, and that it would probably take me years to trust him the way he deserved. Much like your husband, he patiently waited until my mind was tamed. We, too, learned to walk in trust.

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