Theology for Kids {Big Truths for Little Hearts}

Big Truths“Nana, can we do that The Ology book again tonight?” Lacey scrambles up on my super-sized bed, her freshly showered hair dripping slow right down her pajamas onto the edge of my comforter.

“Here, I’ll get it,” she says, reaching across me to the night stand.

“What happens next?” she asks.

A couple months back Lacey started asking a lot of questions about God and Heaven and earth. Big questions. Questions I worry I might fail.

Because how do I teach her about a God I don’t fully understand myself?

When Lacey’s mom {my daughter} was the same age, we didn’t bump into these sort of questions. Because Jesus didn’t live in my own heart back then and sadly those conversations didn’t come until a little later. Even then we sort of learned as we went, my daughter and I finding Jesus together.

So how do I introduce my grand-daughter’s heart to this Jesus I love?

How do I instill in her a sense of awe and wonder and reverence and respect for all that He was and is and will be? How do I get her little heart to understand from the beginning of time with God who created the world, and end with the promise of Jesus’ return?

Will she understand that God always was and always will be and that God is three in one and how he created everything out of nothing at all? Will she remember that he is all-powerful and in control and knows all things? And that when he makes a promise, he keeps it, and most of all, how he gave a way to cover our sins?

How do I bring these truths to life in a deep and lasting way for a curious six-year-old girl?

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.
John 6:44a

Thankfully a friend gifted me this new book that’s sort of un-complicating things for us. It’s called The Ology, by Marty Machowski, and it addresses all of this and so. much. more. I can tell Marty shares my desire for children to love God and to live for him, because he’s wrapped some good theology along with the gospel message into an easy-to-understand, step-by-step explanation of who God is and how he relates to us.

Lacey and I both love a good adventure, and this tale that begins the book drew us in immediately. There’s this cellar in an old stone cathedral where two children discover an ancient book that ushers them into a story of adventure, mystery and wonder. And together these children discover some life-changing truths about God, themselves, and the world around them.


Yes, I’m so very grateful for the gift of this auh-some book that’s helping me disciple Lacey but more than that, I’m thankful for the do-over itself. This chance with the next generation, the gift of traveling into the Bible with my Lacey at a young age. Learning together. Falling in love again. And wondering, just like her, “What’s next, God?”


Deeper Still: How about you? Do you intentionally draw your children into the Bible or do you find it a difficult task? Share with us in the comments?
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  1. I have to tell you it was pretty cool seeing “Write Where it Hurts” in my inbox this morning. Sweet memories. How blessed you both are, you and Lacey, to have each other’s fierce love and inspiration to live the daylights out of every moment. I love you.

    • I actually don’t know how this post recycled back into our subscribers email box this morning, but if the end result was seeing your beautiful face here than I’m so very glad it did. My heart misses yours. Deeply. Love you friend.

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