When it’s okay to pour out your heart

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Column Post by Aj Luck

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What’s down in the well will come up in the bucket”?

Well, until last weekend, neither had I!

It got me to thinking. Do you remember the sheer joy that came with the 64-count box of Crayola crayons? You know, the one with the built in sharpener in the back of the box. {Wait…am I showing my age?} Anyway, that was the box that made my heart first skip a beat to the tune of falling in love with art supplies.

How about the Papermate erasable pen? I remember my first one. It was yellow with a black eraser. I signed my very first autograph with that pen. Well, it was actually my social security card and I was six, but I digress.

I still love art supplies. School supply shopping is my favorite time of the year.  When I was 7 I got the very best Christmas present ever from my grandparents who lived out of state: They sent me a giant box FILLED with all shapes and sizes of notebooks and notepads. I still feel giddy just thinking about it.

Throughout my life I have found the perfect marriage of my love of blank paper and art supplies. It is in the form of journaling.

Now mind you, I have NEVER been a straight-lined-paper-in-a-leather-bound-journal kind of gal. I am ADD. I color outside of the proverbial lines.

I journal often. I buy cheap spiral bound sketch books and keep them in my nightstand along with my crayons, markers, colored pencils and favorite pen. Sometimes I draw. Sometimes I doodle. Many times I write, then lightly color over the words to enhance the meaning. There are times when I write left to right, then I go right to left. Other times I write in a circle or a square, maybe even thought bubbles if the mood strikes just so.

I don’t put limitations on my entries; I open up my heart and see where it leads me. I have fought great wars of the spirit in my journal, prayed my most private prayers through written words. I have poured out my heart and heard my Creator’s voice clearly on the pages. I have come to love my time journaling, learning and listening.

Journaling can be a freeing method for creative expression. I mean, we were ALL crafted by the MASTER Creator. Right?!

So I encourage you today to pick out your favorite crayon, draw outside of the lines, remove the limitations you have placed on your heart. Dig deep down until you hit your own water table of creativity. Let your well be flooded by God’s words colliding with the creativity He has placed inside you. Dare to meet Him on the pages. Allow Him to fill you with perfect peace and comfort as you open your heart to Him so that when others come to you in need of a drink, your bucket will be full from an overflowing well.

”As water reflects a face, so a mans heart reflects the man.”  Proverbs 27:19

Remember friend: What is down in the well comes up in the bucket.

. . . . . . . . . .

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Aj Luck is an author, blogger, bookworm, wife, and mommy. She loves to write children’s books, spiritual thrillers and inspirational works. She has a dedicated blog geared toward encouraging and helping women who have suffered and/or are struggling with abuse. www.shatteredperspectives.com

In her spare time Aj can be found nursing cold Diet Cokes and searching for awesome bargains in nearby thrift stores. She resides in Florida with her hubby, son, two dogs and the biggest diva of a Siamese cat ever. You can email her at aj@shatteredperspectives.com

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