Yes, Let’s “Go There!”

No-Go1-300x298“You need to be willing to ‘go there’ with Jesus,” Author Mary DeMuth explains. “So many people aren’t healed because they are afraid to open up the can of worms of their past. I’m here to say, yes it will hurt, but that kind of hurt is what heals.”

If we confront and release emotional pain, we release the control it has on us. Soul-wounded women must be willing to be healed—in spite of the fear.

Mary likens emotional healing to a tunnel that links a barren land with a pristine forest. “We’ll never drink from the forest’s mountain spring if we don’t go through the tunnel. But most of us feel too afraid to step inside for fear of the dark; and the barren land—bleak as it is has a staid familiarity about it. The truth? It’s dark in the tunnel. The hurt is intensified, especially when we can’t see the other side.”

Is fear of the past a barrier to your emotional wholeness? Will you take that first step into the darkness, with the promise of light on the other side?

I will lead the blind on roads they have never known; I will guide them on paths they have never traveled.  Their road is dark and rough,  but I will give light to keep them from stumbling. This is my solemn promise (Isaiah 42:16 CEV).


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