30 Bricks to build a forever romance

30bricksI’ve been asked how we’ve stayed so crazy in love even after 32 years of marriage. I thought I would share 30 of the bricks with which we’ve built our forever romance.

Brick #1: God is first and central to everything we are, and all we do, say, and think.

Brick #2: We try not to make issues out of insignificant things.

Brick #3: We are quick to say “I’m sorry” and truly mean it when we do.

Brick #4: We say “I love you” often, and let it be our last words to one another when we part for any reason.

Brick #5: We frequently recall our first days together and reminisce about how we felt back then.

Brick #6: Each of us puts the best interest of the other first.

Brick #7: We pray for one another continually, and with one another as often as possible.

Brick #8: We don’t designate chores or jobs, but instead we each try to do whatever needs to be done without fanfare while maintaining a spirit of helpfulness toward the other.

Brick #9: We express gratitude to each other constantly, and strive to never take one another for granted.

Brick #10: Always learning what makes the other tick, we use that knowledge to enrich our life together.

Brick #11: We always advocate for one another, whether with our children, other family members, or those outside the family.

Brick #12: We trust one another implicitly, always believe the best in each other, and always give the benefit of the doubt.

Brick #13: We leave love notes hidden in silly places for one another to find.

Brick #14: We are intuitive to one another’s mood, always watching for any clue as to how the other is feeling.

Brick #15: We allow for individuality in each other and celebrate the person each of us first met, while still nurturing our unity and growth as one flesh.

Brick #16: We find ways to laugh together daily.

Brick #17: We creatively and purposefully stoke the fires of intimacy.

Brick #18: We listen—truly listen—to not only one another’s voices, but deeper so we can hear the heart.

Brick #19: We enjoy the simple things in life together.

Brick #20: We “spur one another on toward love and good deeds”. (Heb. 10:24)

Brick #21: We each take an interest in what interests the other.

Brick #22: We listen to our favorite songs from throughout the years (particularly those first years) together.

Brick #23: We collect and display romantic memorabilia from our years as a couple.

Brick #24: We constantly find ways to do small kindnesses for each other throughout the day.

Brick #25: We kiss passionately and often.

Brick #26: We read God’s Word and ponder its lessons together.

Brick #27: We combine forces to continually build into our family, focusing on celebrating rather than lamenting changes as the years go by.

Brick #28: We find ways to be goofy on a daily basis (sometimes hourly, depending on the day).

Brick #29: We talk one another up and never degrade or make fun of one another to anyone.

Brick #30: We try to consciously steer clear of anything that could become a tool the Enemy might try to use to rob us of the beautiful blessing of forever romance God has given us, and will continue to develop in us, for the rest of our lives.

2 thoughts on “30 Bricks to build a forever romance

  1. As a writer myself, all day today I was putting a similar article together in my mind. You beat me to it! you have many of the things I would have listed. We were thinking alike.

    • This was actually written about a year ago. I’m glad to know I’m not the only wife who lives this way. You give me hope! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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