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Do you feel like you have no voice? Do you struggle with feeling invisible, unseen, in this world of Facebook and Instagram and YouTube fame? Do you wonder what your purpose is, and where God is–and whether or not He even hears you?

If so, join us for the #AtlasGirlBookClub, based off Emily Wierenga’s memoir, Atlas Girl: Finding Home in the Last Place I Thought to Look (, starting November 3rd and running for six weeks. We’ll be journeying through the chapters and into the heart of your heavenly father.

Just subscribe to Emily’s blog, HERE, or “like” her page on FB here and you’ll be able to follow along with the discussion we have during the week, both here, and on the FB page. She will also be posting past sessions/posts down HERE for any of you who miss them and want to tag along.

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Together we’ll find the grace we’ve always longed for, the home we never knew, the love we didn’t think we deserved. Over 6 weeks we’ll cover 6 topics from Atlas Girl, including VOICE, HOME, FATHER, MOTHER, GRIEF and LOVE.

This book club will include very special, intimate videos from each of Emily’s family members, voicing their thoughts on the topics, as well as from the author herself. It will include practical ways to both work through the topic and a link-up each week for you to share YOUR thoughts with others.

If you don’t have a copy of Atlas Girl yet, get yours here. If you’d like to grab a free excerpt from Atlas Girl, you can do that here. And if you’d like a chance to win a FREE copy, just leave a comment below and/or share this invitation with others on social media. {If you grab a copy of the book now and you are the winner, we will reimburse your purchase price. 🙂 }

Looking forward to journeying with you friends, into the heart of God!

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23 thoughts on “Book Club: Atlas Girl

  1. I’m always ready to read about another person’s journey. I know my journey, but hearing other womens’ stories helps me along my path.

  2. You enriched me so much in my journey with you and your book study, so I look forward to joining you in another journey with Emily’s story.

  3. Hi Jo Ann and Emily,

    I have followed Emily for quite some time now … and am so looking forward to getting to know you, Jo Ann. While I have weathered the tumultuous storms of this world, and believe that He has more on the horizon for me … I also believe that He has used me in a defining and refining way to speak about His purpose and His desire to be first in our lives. While I have touched the lives of those I knew nothing about, I have also come in contact with those in our church’s youth, Kairos Prison Ministry, and women touched by my Facebook ministry. It is while we believe that we are invisible, that He shines His light the brightest for others to see through us by His grace. We are never able to do it alone, but through Him, we can accomplish great and mighty things through a powerful and awesome God. Blessings to both of you sisters. May He continue to touch your lives in powerful and meaning ways in all of your endeavors.

    In His grace and mercy,

  4. Hi Dear Friend,

    I Love you and Emily a Bunch, and I so want to do this in my heart, but I am truly making strides with my first book, so I will have to pass this time. I do hope you have this again later. If I take on another task then my book, I fear, will not be finished. Please pray for me as I continue healing from surgery that I can hear God very intimately as I write a little bit every day. Hugs my friends XO <3 Dolores

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