When A Woman Finds Her Voice

your healed voice


There’s something that happens when brokenness stains a woman’s spirit.

Have you, or someone you know, ever fallen silent? Felt unable to express yourself because you were misunderstood, attacked, or criticized in some way? Have you ever hurt so badly you felt the pain might never go away? Worse, have you felt this sharp pull to hide these hurts?

That’s not God’s plan.

So, in the name of freedom, and joy, and purpose, each week we gather together, here in online community. We “link-up”  to write though this finding our voices, sharing our stories. Here’s where it happens, this overcoming our hurts and using our voices to make a difference.

We connect on our blogs by linking hearts {and words} with one another under a different prompt each week. {Be sure to return!} And we come together in community under the hashtag #WhenAWomanFindsHerVoice.

We are linking up today at When A Woman Finds Her Voice.